Pandora Courts Local Advertisers, by Offering Well-Defined Listeners

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3 Responses to Pandora Courts Local Advertisers, by Offering Well-Defined Listeners

  1. This article represents the strong decision making skills that Pandora has in deciding how they want to cater to their potential advertising clients. The basics of advertising is essentially knowing your audience and knowing them well enough to give them what they want. Great ads and campaigns have honed this knowledge perfectly. This article makes me believe that Pandora is giving small businesses the advantage and edge that they need to succeed by illuminating how well Pandora can pinpoint target audiences. This seems like a win-win for everyone involved; Pandora meets its quota for advertisers while distancing itself from terrestrial radio, and the clients are reaching their specific target audience.

  2. Bryttnee L says:

    I think this article is great. It shows how a company can be so popular and widely used all over the world, yet profitability lacks, and Wall Street is somewhat confused of what to make of the company Pandora. I personally use Pandora and enjoy listening because of their ability to play songs in a similar genre that I like. All though there is a new company called Spotify, and internet radio similar to Pandora but in my opinion better. Spotify allows you to choose the song and actually make a playlist of what you would like to hear, unlike Pandora who chooses the songs for you according to the artist’s station you chose to listen to. I think that in order for Pandora to be more succesfully profit wise, hiring a good advertising agency could spark the beginning of the internet radio business. It amazes me that as popular as Pandora is, and with as many people who use the internet radio, profits still lack. That could be partly due to the fact that pandora offers free access to the internet radio. I believe you can pay if you do not want to hear ads between songs.

  3. Cody Chambers says:

    I thought this was a great article just because it is interesting to find out a large company such as Pandora is turning to small local auto dealerships and mattress stores to help raise their profits. It sounds like a good idea to me when they point out the fact that they can pinpoint zip codes and and target ages by the type of stations people are listening to. If I was a dealership owner I would turn to Pandora for advertising simply for the reason that car radio is dying. With Satelite radio and online alternatives like Pandora, the car radio is not an effective way of advertising and will be less effective in the future. The only problem I could see here is if you wanted to reach an older market they may not be using Pandora since it is somewhat new. Obviously as time goes on older generations will be using Pandora and in the long run it could serve as profitable move for Pandora. Hopefully we don’t get more ads in between songs because then they might detract users away from its service.

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