Your active attention and participation is expected every class, as well as while working in groups (both in and out of class) and following the class blog.  Be prepared each class to share your knowledge, ideas, and opinions.  Your formal participation grade will be based on your contributions to the class blog.

Please check the blog everyday (well…you can take Saturdays off), and at a minimum you should read all items posted by the instructor.  All class materials, announcements, and assignments will be kept on the blog (not Blackboard).  In addition, you must comment on 10 Main Page posts by the instructor.  What counts?  Insightful comments, critiques, and/or questions, links to related material (i.e. ads, videos, websites, news stories), new posts (emailed to me; I’ll post them)…really anything that adds to our discussions of advertising and society.  Please do not merely reiterate a classmate’s comment or question, so be sure to read what your classmates have to say before posting.  Proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling are expected.

Each post will be available to comment on for 48 hours. Try to space out your 10 comments over the course of the term. Comments should be no longer than 3-4 good sentences, so make every word count and every idea stand out. Each will be evaluated on a 2 (great insight) / 1 (not great insight, but you wrote something that makes sense) / 0 (didn’t do it or doesn’t make any sense) scale.