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Billboard Ads Made Just For You? Patent For New Technology Could Make It A Reality

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Depressed Copywriter Alters Ads for Maximum Self-Loathing and Despair

Be sure to follow the link to the actual site.

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How top studios create their best movie posters for Hollywood and indie films

Read the article, then post a link  to your favorite movie poster and explain why it works.

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How to Deconstruct Those Glossy Political Ads

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Post your Favorite Viral Video

Could be an advertisement, or something else that has gone viral.  Just please keep it within the realm of decency. To get credit, post with the video why you think it is effective (i.e. has successfully gone viral) in the … Continue reading

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How an Ad Will Persuade You to Talk to Your Kids About Money


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“Uncle Drew”

Thanks on this one to Dustin H., who asks: Why would a viral ad like this find so much success (as in amount of views in such a short period of time) without any sort of advertising campaigns before it? … Continue reading

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