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Billboard Ads Made Just For You? Patent For New Technology Could Make It A Reality


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Depressed Copywriter Alters Ads for Maximum Self-Loathing and Despair

Be sure to follow the link to the actual site.

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How top studios create their best movie posters for Hollywood and indie films

Read the article, then post a link  to your favorite movie poster and explain why it works.

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How to Deconstruct Those Glossy Political Ads

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Post your Favorite Viral Video

Could be an advertisement, or something else that has gone viral.¬† Just please keep it within the realm of decency. To get credit, post with the video why you think it is effective (i.e. has successfully gone viral) in the … Continue reading

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How an Ad Will Persuade You to Talk to Your Kids About Money


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“Uncle Drew”

Thanks on this one to Dustin H., who asks: Why would a viral ad like this find so much success (as in amount of views in such a short period of time) without any sort of advertising campaigns before it? … Continue reading

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