Group Project

Working well with others is a key skill for any occupation, especially those in the media industries and advertising.  A significant portion of your course grade in J340 will be based on a group project.  Groups will be formed by the instructor during Week 2, and some class time will be given for “get-to-know-you” activities, but I strongly suggest you begin meeting as a group outside of class early and often.

At the end of the term, I will ask you to formally evaluate all of your group members, and these evaluations will be factored into your individual grade (see Grading chart below).  Please take your group work seriously, carry your own weight, and respect your group members.  Concerns regarding your group or group members can be made to me privately in-person or through email, but be aware that in most cases I am going to ask you to work it out.

You are also encouraged to use online tools that aid in collaborative projects. Dropbox, Google Docs, and Wikia are easy and free ways to share work.

Your group is allowed to choose the client you will work with during the course, with one caveat: your client must be a local non-profit, organization, or group. The instructor will give final approval on all clients.  Although this is a class project, you are encouraged to contact and work with your client directly, as they may be quite interested in your research, strategy, and final ideas and executions.

All project assignments are available on the blog beginning the first day of class, so once groups are set and you’ve agreed on a client, it makes sense to then discuss all of the work ahead with your group members.  Groups will turn in one version of each assignment, and all group members will receive the same grade; as such, be sure to edit and proof each other’s work until you’re happy with the result.

Project submissions must be a single PDF file, which you will submit through Blackboard by the day and time on the schedule. Be sure to figure out PDF conversions and Blackboard submissions beforehand; PDF and Blackboard problems are not valid reasons for late assignments. Projects can be submitted by any group member, but please include a cover page with the names of everyone in the group. A 10% penalty will be applied for every day a project is late.