No TV ads? Maybe not. NBC, FOX, CBS sue over ad-skip feature.

Image: Dish Network/AP/File

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Would you buy a logo from this man?

Bill Haig knows a thing or two about designs that persuade

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Exam grades and office hours

A few items to note:

Exam grades will be entered into Blackboard sometime this evening (Monday), so check the Gradebook tonight to get your score.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, June 12) I will hold office hours from 1-4pm. Feel free to stop by to look at your exam, or to ask me any questions regarding Project 3.

Good luck with your other finals this week!

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Billboard Ads Made Just For You? Patent For New Technology Could Make It A Reality

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Peer Evaluation forms

The Peer Evaluation form is available on the Documents page.

This form is due by Friday, June 15th at 5pm PST. Please upload your form through the Course Documents page on Blackboard (the same way the projects have been uploaded).

I strongly suggest you wait until your group has completed Project 3 before submitting your form…you never know what may come up (good or bad). When completing the form, be sure to read the instructions carefully. Failure to fully complete the form will result in a 2.5 point deduction from your grade. Failure to submit the form at all (by the deadline) will result in no credit (i.e. 5 points) for the peer evaluation.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and good luck with Project 3.

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New ad zapper has TV networks worried about sales

Thanks to Jim S. for the article.  Please respond to one of these questions:

  • should the government prohibit private companies from interfering with advertising (i.e. the primary source of revenue for network television) in broadcast media that is distributed freely? Couldn’t that be considered an unfair business practice for the advertisers?
  • What are the economic consequences of a diminished efficacy of network advertising?
  • Will the marketplace become more or less competitive / more or less easily dominated by massive international firms somehow?
  • If the major networks failed (due to severely decreased ad revenues) what would that mean for the media landscape as a whole?

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Microsoft readies NUads: ads that watch you watching them

Microsoft is planning to launch an ambitious plan within the next month that will revamp television advertising: television that watches you, watching it.

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