Questions about the exam

Post any questions you may have regarding the exam. You can use this as a group study space. I will  monitor these questions as well and do what I can to answer them.

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  1. E Ford says:

    I have one line of notes from Tobby Hops lecture. He began by asking: “why we chose to CONSUME school rather than do something else…”. I have zero notes from Bill Ryan’s lecture. I find it totally distracting to take notes while someone is lecturing at that pace. Does anyone have notes on these lectures they can share?

    • Everyone: Help Erik (and the class) out. Post one takeaway from Bill Ryan’s talk. Could be something big…could be just a detail.

    • Allie Lord says:

      “Surprise is the core of most good advertising” – Bill Ryan
      He also talked about components to remember of print ads: artwork, headline, copy, tagline and logo

  2. Johnny escobar says:

    “All advertising is problem solving” – Bill Ryan

  3. Juliet Terramin says:

    Will there be questions about the film “The Persuaders” on the exam?

    • Hi Juliet…There is one question about The Persuaders…something that should be relatively easy if you watched it the first time around…no need to re-watch it. Thanks for asking!

  4. E Ford says:

    More notes that I have regarding the guest lectures:
    1. The use of visual metaphors = gives you one piece of the puzzle, engaging
    2. Parallel Structure (the toy gun and bullets ad, and the symmetry of color and font in the ad)
    3. Copy = art (words can be art and Font counts)
    4. Headline and Tagline can be separate or combined
    5. “Z” motion of eyes when reading an ad (western culture at least), generally places logo at lower right.

  5. Will there be media math questions on the exam? Specifically, should we have the formula memorized?

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