Poptent’s amateurs sell cheap commercials to big brands

A ‘crowdsourced’ video production studio, Poptent has gathered 50,000 writers, directors, cinematographers and animators to make ads for American Airlines, Intel, Jaguar, General Mills and others.

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3 Responses to Poptent’s amateurs sell cheap commercials to big brands

  1. I thought this article was very interesting. With editing software becoming easier to use, people everywhere can be creating their own video advertisements. I thought the Doritos campaign was a really smart move by the advertising team. It gave people the unique opportunity to choose the direction of advertising for a large brand. Also, with cheap advetising becoming more and more common, brands are now saving money usually spent on advertising and are able to allocate it elsewhere. Using Poptents strategy, companies get to screen many different variations of advertising and choose the one that suits their goal best. This is much different than hiring a professional advertising agency and having them create one high budget ad. I am looking forward to seeing more low budget, creative advertisements in the future.

  2. Maggy Failing says:

    This is an absolutely genius idea! Not only does it save large companies from spending thousands or millions of dollars on advertising campaigns but, it also involves customers in a co-creation process that encourages them to become more involved with the brand. Consumers also have the power to create innovative and new advertisements that may be perceived as more reliable when coming from another consumer.

  3. Allen N says:

    This was an interesting read and a concept I did not know existed. It’s such a valuable idea as well as it not only saves companies a ton of money on advertising but it also allows unknown artists to get their work publicized. It seems as though these works are subsequently more fresh than an ad agency’s ideas, and of course affordability is always a plus as well. It all goes to show that you don’t need to go the traditional route in order to good output.

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