Post your Favorite Viral Video

Could be an advertisement, or something else that has gone viral.  Just please keep it within the realm of decency.

To get credit, post with the video why you think it is effective (i.e. has successfully gone viral) in the context of what we’ve been talking about this term.  To post the video, just copy and paste a YouTube URL into the comment box.

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20 Responses to Post your Favorite Viral Video

  1. Jessica Katz says:

    My roommate showed me this video when it was first posted on YouTube a little less than a year and a half ago. It has since gotten near 12 million views. I have yet to meet someone who didn’t find humor in this. You find yourself repeating ‘look at this, would you just look at it’ for days on end. It’s obviously really poor quality but I think the reason it went viral is because of the repetition, it’s actually so hard not to repeat this guy. I showed it to my dad a few months ago and he literally shows everyone he knows. This video appeals to the early 20s age group and also to my dad and his colleagues who are in their late 50s. That’s a huge age range that adds to its viral-ness.

  2. Andrew Gust says:

    This was a very successful commercial when it came out. It has all the NFL stars and a few other people Lee Corso as a mascot, Steve Young as a coach, Jimmie Johnson as a teacher, and Dean Sanders as a Dad. It also came out right during the time Friday Night Lights the movie came out in theaters. I was in High School and I remember watching this commercial and loving it. I cant listen Spirit in the Sky now with it thinking of this commercial.(Great song by Norman Greenbaum this kinda ruined it for me though)

  3. Haley Klatt says:

    When I think of viral ads, this one is always the first one that comes to mind. It somewhat provides you with the “what the heck just happened” question, new music, a background that looks familiar to people all across the country, and dancing animals which are always hard to turn away from… and oh yeah, the car they are trying to sell. This ad doesn’t necessarily leave you wanting a new Kia, it leaves you with the unforgettable icon of a hamster that represents its brand. Creatively, whenever a good amount of people hear Part Rock or see a hamster, they think of Kia. Advertising gold.

  4. Caroline Amling says:

    This ad went viral this year for pretty obvious reasons. The video uses a brilliant way of throwing back to a very popular film as well as using the idea “get going” with a new CRV. By creatively throwing back to a very popular movie that most people know it creates a commercial that everyone understands and relates to. The ad was also showed during the super-bowl allowing it to be viewed by a lot of people to begin with. Not to mention the use of a little star power of Matthew Broderick…

  5. Rob Jewett says:

    When we think of advertisements that have gone viral, we usually remember the ones that make us laugh or leave us dumbfounded. This Old Spice commercial does just that. It has so much going on and is so outrageous that people can’t help but remember it and share it with their friends. There have been numerous ads produced by Old Spice using this style and many other parodies using the same format. These ads are great because they capture the audience’s attention and are very unpredictable. The ad is very direct and is obviously marketing to men between the ages of 16-35. Essentially the ad can be summed up as saying “You’ll be more of a man if you use Old Spice”.

  6. When I think of one of my favorite advertisements I think of this Toyota commercial I saw play during the Superbowl. I found this to be very funny and entertaining. This Toyota commercial doesn’t focus on one thing throughout the commercial but it keeps people amused the entire time they are watching it. After watching this commercial it leaves you laughing and it leaves you with a good punch line, “Toyota Camry available with everything you could possibly want”. I think this commercial gets through to people because it relates to some things that most people think are bad and it makes them good. This was a great advertisement to show during the Superbowl because it can reach out to different audience groups and it keeps people laughing.

  7. Cody Chambers says:

    I like this viral video because like we said in class today I find most advertisements successful if they’re funny. It’s an interesting commercial combining the rediculous but popular HBO character Kenny Powers from the series East Bound and Down with popular K-Swiss athletes. It got a good amount of views but I think if it was less offensive it would have been a more popular viral video. It’s interesting that K-Swiss would take this route in a advertisement because it does limit the amount of viewers that are going to be able to see it. For people my age though it is a pretty funny ad.

  8. Nate Spere says:

    I just love this video I think it is the funniest thing. The food channel has become a favorite network of mine and a lot of people I know are beginning to watch shows like Man vs. Food and Diners Drive ins and Dives. These shows appeal to a crowd other than the stereotypical female and male family cook. They are fun to watch and are not as much about the cooking of food, but the love of extreme flavor. The people of Epic Meal Time have a ton of videos online doing things like fast food sushi, and candy pizza. The show takes the model that shows like Man vs. Food have laid out and take it to the extreme making their shows fun to watch for an audience that would not usually watch cooking shows. The video i posted has 11 millions views so they must be doing something right.

  9. Eli Bovarnick says:

    This is one of my favorite ads because of the originality of the concept. At a time when twitter was becoming popular Under Armour capitalized on this fad by producing this commercial. Following a celebrity on twitter makes one feel like they are a following that person’s life. In this ad, the video is shot as if the person watching is living through football star Devin Hester’s eyes, which as demonstrated by this video is a pretty cool life to have. A person watching this sees that all the apparel worn in the video is made by Under Armour and thus will be more likely to buy this brand. Combined with the music, the editing, the visuals, and the twitter type updates this Under Armour commercial makes for a great ad and viral video.

  10. Ben Butterfield says:

    These days more and more people are riding their bikes and trying to cut down on gas. Even though these people are trying to find more efficient ways to commute cities are not providing the infrastructure to support these efforts. This is an example of the city taking the side of the automobile rather than the bicyclists. In this auto dominated society cities need to intervene on behalf of pedestrians and bicyclists rather than cars.

  11. Sam Poloway says:

    This video is one of many “NFL Fantasy Files” that have gone viral. This is one of many. Different players do different cameos with all of them involving impossible stunts that are obviously fake and at the end they tell fantasy owners to “Pick me”. I think it works because of the humor in all of them and how the fans are participating, like they do in Fantasy Football.

  12. I saw this video about a year back and have been a huge fan ever since. The reason I am such a fan is because of the humor and the idea behind it. Most of all it was not a humorous viral video that was cheap. It was not someone doing something when they were drunk, a prank, or an accident. I give him credit for the thought and effort went into the video. Him acting, as well as (I believe) planning out where to go and how to act puts it a step above many of the other videos. Recently he has appeared in a Vitamin Water commercial. This just goes to show how huge you-tube and viral videos have become, and the power people have to get their name/face out there. This shows that putting in effort as I pointed out earlier it something more to be admired, something that companies are taking notice of

  13. rsedlak1 says:

    This viral video was created for Westfield Group, an Australian shopping center with stores in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Brazil. This ad was created as a teaser for the opening of Westfield’s new urban mall in Stratford in September 2011. It shows off the fashion heritage of East London over the last 100 years through the changing dance styles. I think it’s super creative and fun: you can recognize the different fashions and dances through the years.

  14. Allie Lord says:

    The “Shit ______ Says” video series, starting with this “Shit Girls Say” video went viral earlier this year. These videos went viral for the same reason many ads do, it was catchy, relatable and repeatable. The videos were funny, unique and had lines every girl relates too, allowing them too catch on. Also, the original video was easily repeatable, as any decent campagin’s ads should be. The simple topic and format made it easy for hundreds of spin-off videos with different types of girls or other groups to be created, adding to the videos popularity.

  15. J Scheifla says:

    Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday

    I’m not sure I can put my finger on why exactly this thing has been so “successful” in the context of what we’ve been discussing…maybe it has something in common with the best commercial jingles? Regardless, the guy has gotten close to 80 million views for his video. That is fairly astounding.

    Though “Chocolate Rain” is intriguing in its own eccentric way, I definitely can’t say that it’s my favorite viral video. This dramatic chipmunk (that is actually a prairie dog) might hold that honor. This next one is pretty good too. Still makes me laugh after more than half a decade.

  16. From Cody C:
    I like this viral video because like we said in class today I find most advertisements successful if they’re funny. It’s an interesting commercial combining the rediculous but popular HBO character Kenny Powers from the series East Bound and Down with popular K-Swiss athletes. It got a good amount of views but I think if it was less offensive it would have been a more popular viral video. It’s interesting that K-Swiss would take this route in a advertisement because it does limit the amount of viewers that are going to be able to see it. For people my age though it is a pretty funny ad.

  17. Eleni Pappelis says:

    This viral video of Jenna Marbles was most affective because of its ridiculousness and creativeness. Audiences found this video funny and, to some degree, something they can relate to…who hasn’t wanted someone to stop talking to you for some reason or another. Someone on campus stops you walking to class you’re late for to sign something they’re petitioning for which probably doesn’t apply to you. How can you avoid this guy from stopping you: throw them the face. This video is funny and the things she says stick in people’s minds. Jenna Marbles can therefore generate a loyal audience and effectively promote people to subscribe to my channel and vlog.

  18. Marcel the Shell with Shoes On is a fantastic viral video for many different reasons. First of all, Marcel the Shell is absolutely adorable and has a great voice. Another reason is that the concept is creative and seemingly pointless. As advertising students we are taught that sometimes the best creative endeavors are the ones that happen for no reason. This video isn’t trying to sell anything or teach anything, it is just an exceptional stop-motion video about a shell that wears shoes. I personally think that it is brilliant.

  19. Travis Clark says:

    This video went viral extremely fast simply because of the fact that you never see a kid that young that high. Not that he was doing drugs himself, but because he was coming back from the dentist and was still high on anesthesia or whatever. What people want to see is something unusual and is constantly entertaining. Personally i love to hear what high people are saying and i know that a lot of my friends have that same opinion. So what I am guessing is that people just want to keep hearing what a kid at this age will say and how he will react to the effects of the drugs he is under.

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