Best Selling

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  1. .geneva.rose. says:

    It is always interesting to stand back and review the way that we are exposed to advertising on a daily basis. I think most internet-savvy people realize that the majority of the “banner” ads that they see are a direct result of the information that they give out on the internet. You browse certain websites and the next thing you know all of our ads are from that website. However, one thing that I was unaware of until recently is how companies and websites put a TON of energy into “search engine optimization”. Essentially, most big websites and companies hire somebody to make their website one of the top hits in a search engine query. Tactics like this make companies more available to the public.

  2. E Ford says:

    I have pretty much given up on the idea of having any real privacy in my life outside of my own home behind closed doors. Everything is becoming less private and more public; street and surveillance cameras, satellite and cellular transmissions, my smartphone and my internet connection, all of them conspiring to eliminate my privacy. With this being the new direction of the world I feel it is futile to get really upset about it. I have a fairly sizable distrust of marketers and their greed for customer data. Whether sanctioned or not I believe they will go to almost any length to get this data. At least now, as the interview points out, I am compensated with free internet services for the information they take from me.

  3. Nate Spere says:

    I knew that what I did online was looked at by others and advertisements were then tailored for me. This audio says that no one is specifically watched what each individual does but it seems like the line between being spied on and being “loosely tracked” is becoming thin. It seems like our country holds itself on the idea that we are all free and have to freedom to act for our own behalf. I think it is odd that although we think of our country as honest and free many people are unaware of the cookie system that is on our computers. It is much less an issue here than other places in the world like china where websites are banned and the internet is closely followed, but I think our lack privacy on the internet is much closer that of China than we would like to believe. I do not have a huge problem with how our internet use is monitored nor do i feel a lack of safety and freedom but i do think that it is a slippery slope.

  4. Johnny Escobar says:

    The reason that many people have so much concern for their internet privacy is because no one really knows the capabilities of the server monitoring their web surfing and internet use. The audio says that they are only monitoring “cookies” but who can really know for sure. The problem with the internet is that it is used daily by countless people for so many reasons.They deal with the fact that their internet use is being monitored, for the pleasure and usefulness that the internet provides them. Advertising companies know this and use it to their advantage by flooding every space possible on the internet with advertisements.

  5. Allen N says:

    It’s surprising just how much of our information can be obtained by the internet. It’s a little discerning as well because it blurs the line between business for advertising companies’s interests and a total invasion of our privacies. What’s more is my own lack of knowledge about all this–I’ve long seen the term “cookie” pop up on my laptop and computer but I never gave much attention to what it was and it’s purposes. It’s ironic then that they (the ad companies) tailor it so that there are ads for my interest when in general I tend to not focus much of my attention on online ads in general.

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