How an Ad Will Persuade You to Talk to Your Kids About Money


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3 Responses to How an Ad Will Persuade You to Talk to Your Kids About Money

  1. Garrett S. Hunt says:

    Although many would describe this idea and overall campaign as perhaps being a bit extreme or exaggerated, I personally feel as if it has the potential to be incredibly successful. There is absolutely no denying the severity of our Nation’s economic and financial struggle, and it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of effective money managing habits and skills. This clearly appears as a rather subtle issue in regards to appropriate parenting practices, and is likely not on the top of the priority list of concerns that parents have for their children. But I strongly feel as if exposing young people to money management practices and instilling in them a sense of financial literacy can have a tremendous effect on nations economic future. The National Financial Educators Council have developed a compelling, innovative, campaign that makes a bold and memorable statement. Although developing and measuring the success of financial literacy amongst children may be a daunting and difficult task, I am completely on board with this campaign and everything it stands for. I look forward to seeing their execution in the near future.

  2. Allen N says:

    While I do think that the campaign is a little drastic in comparing finance education with drunk driving or kids messing around with drugs, I do still feel that what they’re doing is important and will certainly draw attention. I’ve had a talk here and there with my parents about finances and I still find myself having a tough time managing my money. And especially given the economic climate we’re living in right now I think that letting people know the importance of finance literacy is a great initiative.

  3. Haley Klatt says:

    Placed in the correct locations, I could see this ad flourishing and becoming very successful. As any ad placement, location is key and as the right ads could be great in certain areas, if placed in the wrong town, heads could be turned and eyes would be rolled quickly. Drastic, yes. Over the top? Not completely. It seems to be that the drastic ads are what grasp the attention of many Americans and are what is needed to get the point across. You wouldn’t necessarily think that the ad would be related to talking to your children about money until you completely read the ad, which would successfully mean you have reviewed the ad fully by the time you finish. It is a very clever technique, which could work very well to get the message across in many situations.

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