Single most important thought?

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5 Responses to Symmetry

  1. Eleni Pappelis says:

    I found this video captivating and artful. I watched the entire video and thought it was such a simple idea but was so creatively made. This video, called “Symmetry,” provided examples of all the balances of life people can related to because they experience most of these examples everyday. Each example was placed on one half of the screen, creating a literal balance throughout the video. The single most important thought of this video is to demonstrate the everyday balances of life that everyone can relate to in some way. When this video ended, I was so confused as to what this video was being used for and who had made it that I had to look up the link which concluded. This video obviously caught my interest to learning more about the website. I even found a video Everynone had made that I thought was particularly smart. This video shows clips of different synonyms for different words but I found the placement and flow of each word and clip leading into the other to be the most interesting to watch for:

  2. I was very intrigued by this video. As I began to watch it I tried to figure out what each picture meant to the other. This video is titled “Symmetry” as each picture corresponds to the one next to it. Each shot shows a balance between the two. For example, salt and pepper or police and robbers. The thoughts behind this show that even though some things in life might be bad there is something to balance it out. The ending shot of the baby and the person dying made the video come together because it showed that life comes full circle because of all these different balances.

  3. Bryguy says:

    This is not the first video i have seen by “,” they have a certain style that encapsulates the human condition through use of dramatic and subtle shots that make you think. I love how they took a fairly easy concept (symmetry) and applied it to life, and the world we live in. They concept of Symmetry speaks to having some sort of harmonious balance such that it reflects beauty and perfection. Thus to me the single most important thought on this video is portraying the balance and beauty of life, in full circle.

  4. Quinn Flaherty says:

    This video displays a powerful image of symmetry through numerous aspects of everyday life. It shows both the proportionality and balance of the variety of people and products we encounter everyday. This video goes through a progression of showing these things, and their associations with what they are synonymous with. The single most important thought is that every aspect of life inevitably has something to balance it. Things that are the same still remain unique by their own individuality. All people are unique in their own personal way, yet they are all human beings the same. Some people get right up out of bed, while some people will press the snooze button for a half hour. This video, which forces you to think on more than one level of humility and intellect, is brought full circle at the end. A toddler is shown walking next to an old man with a cane. Right after that, a baby is born and another old man dies. Everything, from life to what we eat, has a balance.

  5. Allen N says:

    I thought this was a very fascinating video. It was incredibly interesting to see the various symmetric ways in which objects x and y relate to one another. I think the reason why it’s so effective is because we don’t normally think of the symmetry between things. I don’t know the video’s exact purpose was for, but I think it perhaps might be a critique of the ways in which we breeze past through life without taking notice of the littler things or the meaning behind things. It managed to be equal parts cool, compelling, and disturbing. That last shot of the crying baby and the dead man was haunting.

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