Recreating the Brief

Find a video ad on YouTube or Vimeo that you think is particularly creative.  What is the SMIT?  How and why does it work?

Include the ad. To do this, just copy and paste the URL for the video under your text in the comment box.

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14 Responses to Recreating the Brief

  1. J Scheifla says:

    After being shown “L’Odyssée de Cartier”, I was taken aback by both the audacity of the commercial as well as the implications of its existence. By that I mean that not only were the advertisers willing to go to the expense of producing a 3+ minute film (of that I am actually not surprised), but, more so, that they would actually purchase a large enough block of TV time to broadcast the thing in prime time. That is nuts! And in this day and age unprecedented…or so I thought. I went about looking for other similarly ambitious commercials, and I found this (see below) Thai produced 2008 short film that happens to be a Pantene commercial.

    The overriding implication here, at least in my mind, is that the advertising industry is playing with the expansion of long held constraints in such a way that extraordinary creative opportunities are being offered to filmmakers and storytellers. It is very exciting in my opinion, and I can’t help but think that it will ultimately be to the benefit of everyone: brands, artists, audiences, etc.

    SMIT: You can ‘shine’ no matter who you are…don’t let anyone impose limitations on you.

    Why does it work? Because it speaks to anyone who has ever dreamed of doing anything (i.e. everyone). It sets up a classic storytelling architecture: the underdog protagonist versus the mean-spirited antagonist, and dares us to do anything other than root for the underdog. When the story reaches its climax (She beats the odds!) they quickly hit us with the branding (the butterfly emerges from its cocoon…Pantene Chrysalis Shampoo), which we then, in theory, subconsciously associate with ‘the realization of dreams’ or some other positive emotion/experience. I wonder what Sarah Haskin would say about this one.

    NOTE: If I remember correctly, Pantene holds a more than 40% market share in Asia.

    Commercial Credits:
    Advertiser: P&G
    Brand: Pantene Chrysalis shampoo
    Agency: GREY Thailand
    Executive Creative Director: Sajan Raj Kurup
    Creative Director: Sajan Raj Kurup
    Copywriter: Sajan Raj Kurup, Thanonchai Sornsriwichai
    Agency Producer: Bee
    Director: Thanonchai Sornsriwichai
    Production Company: Phenomena, Bangkok
    Country: Thailand
    Chief Operating Officer: Shilpa Swaroop
    Account Management: Joy

  2. Bryguy says:

    On of my favorite ads of all time is perhaps an ad for Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. They use a mostly positioning strategy in this ad. Saying that Jameson’s has “Taste Above All Else.” It may be my Irish heritage but this ad really does make me want to go get a bottle.

    SMIT: Jameson’s Whiskey is worth rescuing

  3. rcochran22 says:

    I fell in love with this campaign the first time I ever saw one of these commercials. Not only is each one hilarious and clever, but the model is easy on the eyes as well. The Old Spice campaign in ingenious and presented much more than a simple stick of deodorant. Within the thirty second commercials, we develop not only an intimate and comfortable relationship with a sexy man in a towel but also with the industry. Both men and women are able to find these advertisements highly entertaining and look forward to seeing the towel-baring Isaiah Mustafa. Old Spice truly made a comeback with this campaign and I am definitely buying my future lover a stick of this manly scented deodorant.

    SMIT: Smell like a man with Old Spice

  4. Eli Bovarnick says:

    ESPN has recently put on a series of commercials with the tag line “It’s not crazy, it’s sports.” These ads highlight the idea that there are aspects of a sporting fans devotion that seems almost surreal in how outlandish it may be. The creative ideas for this campaign are both simple and memorable. Any serious sports fan that understands the situation happening in the commercial can identify with the notion that indeed, “it’s not crazy, it’s sports.”

    One of my favorite commercials from this series is the “terrible towel” commercial.
    SMIT: No matter how far away, Pittsburgh fans are all connected to the Steelers through their pride and towels.

  5. Caroline Amling says:

    I actually just came across this ad but was very impressed with it. It has a innovative and brilliant vision. I thought this ad was absolutely captivating and very creative. What was great about it was that it very gracefully conveyed the SMIT with a unique idea. The SMIT is easily understood at the end of the ad and explains what sets their product apart from others: Hands can create beautiful things…like our cars all handmade.

  6. Jessica Katz says:

    SMIT: ‘You can dream about it or go out and make it happen’ and have passion. Also I think these are both heavily and creatively linked with ‘RedBull gives you wings.’ They successfully interpret that in several ways.

    I actually saw this commercial for the first time today. I find I’m always impressed by RedBull commercials. Whenever I see one it takes me a moment to realize it’s for RedBull because they don’t throw energy drinks at you rather they subtly include the RedBull logo into almost all of the scenes. There’s something extremely appealing about that to me. This commercials shows Redbull is about sports and having passion; they’re not just selling a product, they sell this active and epic lifestyle as well and I believe that absolutely sets them apart from their competitors.

  7. Casey Winkler says:

    This ad is for the Nike Fuelband, a new product that Nike has introduced which allows athletes to track and monitor their daily activity and measures it using “Fuel Points”. In this ad, Nike uses three professional athletes and monitors their progress on a given day. Ndamukong Suh, Hope Solo, and Paul Rodriguez are the featured football, soccer and skateboarding athletes, respectively. The ad effectively shows Suh and Solo achieving their goals through daily activity, while Rodriguez falls behind (making skateboarding out to be a lazy sport, initially). Once Suh and Solo achieve their goals, it then shows Rodriguez at an indoor skate facility where he gets his daily workout and achieves his goal.

    SMIT: regardless of your sport, passion, or hobby, Nike Fuelband can help you track your progress, set new goals, and keep you aware of your physical activity.

  8. Sam Poloway says:

    This is an ad for the skateboarding part of Nike called Nike SB. It follows around pro skateboarder Paul Rodriguez in slow motion around his hometown of Los Angeles as he hangs out with other pro skaters(Eric Koston, etc), skates at high schools and avoids the police. The camera is slowed to the beat of a west coast rap classic “Today Was a Good Day” by Ice Cube. The overall feeling in the advertisement is very calming and cool. I could relate to almost everything that Rodriguez does in this commercial besides seeing Ice Cube and Kobe because I used to skateboard around my hometown with my friends just like the commercial depicted.

    SMIT: I think this would be simply just to go out and skate with your friends. It is also depicting skateboarding as an escape by showing it as something that is calming and that is always available.

  9. smurfyg says:

    This commercial is one that I saw about 10 years ago and yet when I think of the most creative commercial this is the one that quickly came to mind. I feel like the fact i can still remember it, is a testament to it’s succesfulness as not many other ads came to mind despite the abundant supply of ads I’m flushed with everyday. The company that created this, Aiwa, advertising their car stereo system means very little to me as I unfortunately do not have a car, yet this still had impact to me. I feel that is the most successful types of ads, ones that effect consumers that have no need at the moment for your product. I’m not saying that the second I get a car in need of a new stereo I’m going to buy an Aiwa but it will definitely be on my mind.

    Analyzing the advertisement; the ad is borderline inappropriate and insensitive to say the least. If this was to happen in real life “seeing a hurst driver blaring another one bites the dust” would muster a groan of disgust from myself as well as many others yet in this hypothetical world I find it quit charming. It captures you in with the music and the frowns on the passengers face then builds up until at the end you see the vehicle is actually in a procession. I never thought that it was a car stereo commercial yet when the Aiwa logo pops up I thoroughLy enjoyed their ad campaign.

  10. Rob Jewett says:

    I love the E*Trade commercials ever since they brought in the E*Trade baby. I don’t have an account with any online stock broker, but when I decide to get one, I will definitely look at E*Trade. The commercials are so great because the baby has very great dialogue and isn’t overly animated. The baby is in relatively normal settings, such as in a crib or playing with the family dog. The way that the parents (who are never shown) interact with the baby, assures us that using this product won’t interrupt your personal life and doesn’t need a strong learning curve.

    SMIT: E*Trade is so easy to use that a baby can do it, and you can make trades on the go without a computer.

  11. This advertisement is for the Nike Fuelband which allows people to track their daily activity by giving points for different activities. This particular ad for the Fuelband uses many different kinds of activities to relate to different people. It The ad describes many different activities that make it “count” as they say. They use various clips from movies, cartoons, athletic events, etc. This makes the ad appealing the whole way through; it never gets boring. The SMIT for this ad is whether you like dancing in your room or playing a professional sport your activity counts. The SMIT is easily understood throughout the entire ad as it gives various examples of different activities. This is one of my favorite advertisements for Nike.

  12. Dustin Haines says:

    The Apple iPhone 4s Siri commercials have recently been a big hit. They have recently just started using celebrities as well to showcase the easy use of the iPhone as well as showing how useful it can be for people that are busy. The SMIT of this ad is to show that even as a person like Samuel Jackson who could afford to hire a personal planner can use his iPhone instead to accomplish all the same tasks. It also is displaying the features of Siri as being humanistic in how the program is able to affluently communicate with the user to accomplish the tasks that are being asked.

  13. Eleni Pappelis says:

    I just recently saw this ad for a laundry detergent placed before a youtube video and it really resonated with me. I didn’t care for the actual brand or product but this advertisement caught my attention in the few seconds before I could hit the “skip ad” button and I decided to watch it. This singer who looks like Zach Galifianakis made me laugh and kept my interest. This silly advertisement had a catchy tune, a humorous spokesperson, and kept the commercial mostly relative to the product. The SMIT is to show how easy it is to use this product, only a few pumps of detergent, and that you can use less than competitors to do the same service. It also plays off the difference in appearance in comparison to its competitors. The “say no to jugs” campaign is funny and effective.

  14. lainaelyse says:

    I came across this Reynold’s Wrap commercial and thought it was a creative way to market the aluminum foil. They took an everyday product and gave it an exciting twist. I appreciated the active plot and the interesting foil characters that appeared throughout the ad. The SMIT was that although this scene is fictional, it gives off the impression that foil has multiple important uses. The ad gives the impression that foil will help create a wonderful meal. Overall the ad is easy and fun to watch and leaves the viewer with a positive image of Reynold’s Wrap as a brand.

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