Ads Implant False Memories

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One Response to Ads Implant False Memories

  1. Ryan S says:

    This article really made me question all my memories and made me want to call up all my friends to see if we have the same stories from specific events. I think this really shows the power that advertising holds in our lives. The example of the popcorn showed that someone can think they tried a product based on how good the advertisement was. When I think back in my memories, most of them are triggered by seeing a certain product. For example I always attach Gatorade to my sporting memories because it’s the first sporting drink that comes to mind. When in reality, my mom said she only bought Powerade for my games. I found that shocking because I always remembered Gatorade, and I personally think that Gatorade ads are ten times better to watch than Powerade. This article gives all of us time to think about how much advertising affects our lives and how our minds process them.

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