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  1. Jessica Katz says:

    I took the VALS survey and my two VALS types are experiencer and innovator, indicating that I have high levels of self-expression, resources, and innovation. The Experiencer: ‘Young, enthusiastic, and impulsive consumers, Experiencers quickly become enthusiastic about new possibilities but are equally quick to cool. They seek variety and excitement, savoring the new, the offbeat, and the risky. Their energy finds an outlet in exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities.’ The Innovator: ‘Their lives are characterized by variety. Their possessions and recreation reflect a cultivated taste for the finer things in life.’ This survey did a good job of describing me as a person and as a consumer. I enjoy a lot of variety in my life and having “cool” stuff as described in the experiencer profile. Image is also important to me but not as evidence of status but rather as an expression of taste. I buy a lot of things and I get into niche products like herbal soaps, organic lotions etc. I’m always trying to find the perfect ingredient that’s going to change volumes in my life or something. I also get really enthused about things and as soon as the next thing comes along I get into that too and less into the previous product/thing. As a consumer this is probably a great thing because I am constantly buying new products and trying new things.

  2. rcochran22 says:

    After participating in the VALS survey, I am happy to announce that I am an Experiencer with some sprinkle of Innovator, my secondary type. I have taken many personality tests but I have never taken a test that describes my consumer habits, which is something I have never paused to wonder until now. I found the results to be very interesting. As an Experiencer, I am young, enthusiastic, and impulsive, which isn’t entirely true. I usually take a fair amount of time to consider a purchase if it’s above $20, so, almost everything. I do spend quite a bit of money on socializing and entertainment but I absolutely hate red bull, unless it’s a Vodka Redbull (I’m 21). The Innovator description did not really sound like me but I am always down for a rewarding experience when the opportunity presents itself and I hope one day to change the world for the better. “Innovate” for a better change is on my bucket list. I enjoyed taking the survey despite the redundant questions and would say overall this test described my consumer habits pretty accurately.

  3. Juliet Terramin says:

    This VALS survey was very interesting to take because I have never thought about my consumer habits before now. From the survey I learned I am an experiencer and an innovator. As an experiencer I am quick to jump on the latest trends and spend most of my money on socializing, entertainment and fashion. I feel like this accurately describes my spending characteristics. Although I don’t blow most of my money on these items (because I have recently put myself on a budget to save money), I do like to buy the newest and most fashionable products. The striver description accurately reflects my consumer personality to a certain extent. Strivers are, “active consumers because shopping is both a social activity and an opportunity to demonstrate to peers their ability to buy.” It mentioned twice in the description that strivers buy for the fact of showing off, which is not something I do. I do like to shop but I don’t do so with the sole purpose, to show off to my peers. I think although this survey makes me feel like an addicted shopper, it semi-accurately describes my consumer behavior.

  4. Ryan Hagen says:

    I have never really taken a survey like this but after answering the questions as honestly as I could I was told that my primary VALS type was Experiencer and my secondary type was Striver. The primary VALS type is supposed to represent your dominant approach to life and after reading about what a “Experiencer” is I would say that it is very accurate. An Experiencer is described as some one who is motivated by self expression, enthusiastic about new possibilities, seek excitement and participate in sports, outdoor events and social activities. They also say that the consumer habits of “Experiencers” is that they tend to spend a majority of their income on entertainment and socializing. I would say that these qualities adequately define me and my consuming habits. My secondary VALS was “Striver”, this is a value that I agree with on some parts but not others. I agree to the fact that as a “Striver” I am motivated by achievement and that money defines success. However, it says that a “Striver” is someone that consumes because they want an opportunity to prove they have the ability to buy things. I would say that I am not greedy with money but also do not just buy thins to buy them. All in all I found this survey to be very interesting and very accurate about who I am and my consumer habits.

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