The 11 Brands With the Most Loyal Customers

The 11 Brands With the Most Loyal Customers - DailyFinance“Not all categories are created equal. Consumers have different expectations for different products: You give more scrutiny to your tablet computer than you do to your gasoline, for example. According to the study, people expect a great deal from things such as smartphones and luxury hotels. But they expect much less satisfaction from items like allergy medications, diet sodas and laundry detergents — so those products start off with lower “ideal” scores.” (DailyFinance)

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  1. Jessica Katz says:

    Brand loyalty is something I am very familiar with. Nike, Apple, BMW, and Reed’s Ginger Ale in their respective categories are companies in which I remain fiercely loyal. Upon reading the title of this article I expected more luxury brands to be among the top rated for loyalty but I was wrong. It doesn’t surprise me that Call of Duty has the most loyal customers, not that I know much about the gaming industry but I do know it’s the latest and greatest. I don’t really know if I would consider that a brand, differentiating between brand and game in the gaming industry is difficult. One that did surprise me was Pantene. According to industry professionals Pantene is supposedly the worst shampoo/conditioner that you can use on your hair. It’s only redeeming qualities are that it smells good and it’s cheap. Maybe that all Pantene customers really care about. As far as the other 9 brands in the article go I have no real personal connection to them, I don’t buy them and I haven’t been inspired to buy them so I am still pretty surprised at the final 11 brands that have the most loyal customers.

  2. Dustin Haines says:

    Brand loyalty is a crazy concept to me but it is what separates companies from up and coming competitors. Spending more money on a product that is often of equal or sometimes lesser quality just because of the “name” is the ultimate goal of companies. I must say the only company that I have complete brand loyalty to is Nike. Some of the top 11 brands with the most loyal customers actually surprised me. Samsung is a brand that I was completely unaware of having such brand loyal customers because I feel that it has such a stiff competition in their market with Sony and LG. I feel that some of the brands such as YouTube, Costco, and Modern Warfare really don’t have much competition in their markets. Call of Duty Modern Warfare ranking first really surprised me. Honestly I don’t even know if I would classify that as a brand, but it is the most superior video game series on the market today. By having the loyalty of its customers a brand will be guaranteed a success.

  3. lainaelyse says:

    Lately I have realized how much loyalty I do have to certain brands. No matter what, I will use an Apple computer. I will buy Herbal Essences over other shampoo brands. I even prefer Chevron over other gas stations. Why is this? I think I am loyal to certain brands because of a reluctance to try new brands. I know that these products and these companies produce items that I like, so why change? Also, I think it interesting how often I overlook flaws because of my fondness of the brand. No matter how many times my iPhone freezes I would never blame it on Apple. Because I am so loyal to the brand I overlook most imperfections in the products. I was surprised by some of the brands in the top 11. There are so many brands producing similar products that sometimes it is difficult to determine which brand the majority of people are brand loyal to. With that said, I do feel as though as a consumer I do get sucked into becoming loyal to certain brands and I do not see myself choosing different companies going forward.

  4. rsedlak1 says:

    Brand loyalty is definitely a real thing. And it can get passed down from parent to child. Why do you use Crest or buy Tide or shop at Costco? Because maybe your parents did, and it’s familiar to you. A lot of times you might not even compare the product to its competitor; you just go with what you know. I liked this article because it addressed products in different categories with “lower expectations.” And it’s funny when I was looking through the slideshow, judging which ones I’m brand loyal to (L’Oreal, Costco, YouTube). It’s also interesting to see that Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s made the list–both are quality sellers of ice cream.

  5. Haley Klatt says:

    From what I’ve notice from watching my friends shopping patterns and hoping to note on which brands they are loyal to, consumers are more brand loyal than they think. I originally didn’t think I was very brand loyal until I realized I will only use Chevron gas, buy my sandwiches from Jimmy Johns and trust Target to provide me with my favorite essentials… just to name a few. Loosing faith in one of your loyal and promising brands would be like getting food poisoning from your favorite meal.

    From all of the ads put forth these days, it seems as though the simplest ones are the most loyal. Simplicity wins again. Two interfacing red circles automatically makes you think of Target, while knowing that the car with the huge red bow in the commercial is probably a Lexus. I also found it interesting that there weren’t more luxury brands represented. It really makes you wonder what makes some of them luxury knowing that they don’t have as many loyal fans as lower companies on the totem pole.

  6. Brand loyalty is very important to some people. To some, it decides how they chose to spend their money. I have learned that I am a person that is very loyal to brands. It may be for different reasons or it may not be for any reason at all. I always buy the same kind of milk at the grocery store and the same kind of toothpaste at the drugstore. I believe this is because I grew up using these brands and because I have never seen flaws in them, I trust them. I think brand loyalty has a lot to do with how a person is raised. If someone uses a certain brand their whole life without failure, why change it?

  7. rcochran22 says:

    It cannot be denied that consumers see brands as a perception of themselves. A brand symbolizes status and to a certain extent it signifies what social class we would like to be a part of. In class, we have learned that brands are verbs but I have never considered them verbs in the past. Brands are equivocal with status in my eyes and that is why the average consumer is willing to pay $40-60 for a pair of GAP jeans as opposed to a $20 pair at JCPenny’s. Loyalty also has a factor to do with it but as soon as the consumer earns more disposable income, their allegiance will be to a brand considered to have even higher status. I was not surprised to see Haagen Dazs or YOUTUBE but I was surprised not to come across Apple on this list of brands. Perhaps Apple is listed on a different brand loyalty list but I am still confused as to how dog food (Purina) made it on the list. Granted, I do not personally own a dog but even if I did I am sure I will not purchase my pooch top-brand dog food. I will forever be loyal to COSTCO for that is how my family of eight has survived the past 20 years. However, I would not associate COSTCO as an upper status grocery store (like Safeway) but I do see it beginning to make its move up. In summary, brand-image is crucial in the world of advertising and I am not shocked in the slightest that America does it best for we are a nation full of free-enterprise overwrought with sheer consumerism.

  8. Cody Chambers says:

    For me I have always viewed brand loyalty as brand familiarity. When it comes to myself, I only use brands that I am familiar with. I use Chevron because it was the closet gas station to my house when I started driving so I still use it today and when I purchased my Samsung TV it was because my parents bought a Samsung for their first flat screen TV and its worked great ever since they bought it. I also noticed that all of the brands on their are known for quality. Haagen Dazs and Ben and Jerrys just happen to be the most expensive and best quality ice creams in the ice cream isle in Safeway. Costo doesn’t have much competitors, while they do have Wal-Mart and Target we can all agree quality is not the same and the choices are not the same. The only ones that stuck out to me were loreal and Pantene but those probably fall under that familiarity category, people aren’t very likely to switch up beauty products and risk the potential outcomes.

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