Target Women: Hair

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  1. Emilie Osterkamp says:

    Sarah Haskins has always annoyed me, and videos like there are why! I was busy paying attention to how annoying she is and had to re-watch what her underlying message was. Reflecting, the humor I found is that I was captivated, as I always am with the ads for the different products shown, regardless of how ridiculous they seem. I typically am very judgmental in regards to commercials, however I always pay attention to those that are related to beauty products and don’t criticize them as often. This leaves me wondering, are people less likely to judge ads that are for products that are of interest to them? This seems to be the case with me…

  2. rcochran22 says:

    Sarah Haskins brings to surface an excellent point that most woman neglect to consider when being hypnotized by the flawless silkiness in hair advertisements: the media is ridiculous. But for some odd reason, these hypnotic trances of hair blowing in the wind prove to be most effective for shampoo-buying women. I have fallen victim to such media ploys. It amazes me how the majority, if not all, of shampoo advertisements are constructed the same way. Typically, they included one or more women flinging their hair in some circular movement either in a field or an equally windy location. The structure of these commercials have not changed because they continue to draw us female audience in time after time. Thanks to Miss Haskins, I now feel like a sucker actually finding some enjoyment in these commercials but again she presents an excellent claim: the media and the way it reaches out to women is quite silly but most effective.

  3. Juliet Terramin says:

    I find Sarah Hopkins hilarious and think that she makes a lot of funny points. This one in particular was extremely captivating. I find hair commercials to be one of the more ridiculous types of advertising campaigns out there, but they do appeal to women since women in society are always striving to better themselves. Hair commercials advertise to women that by using their products they will have perfect hair and women see this as a way to improve themselves because society and the media tell women how they should strive to look. These commercials attract much attention and influence purchasing techniques of Women. This is a sad fact in society but I feel that even the most ridiculous advertising campaigns will appeal to Women as long as they are showing Women ways in which they can improve their image.

  4. kellypetaja says:

    I think that Sarah Haskins did a great job at pointing out how ridiculous the media can be when it comes to selling hair products. Pulling from a number of different ad’s and commercials Miss Haskins makes it very clear that the majority of hair products are advertised in a very similar way. The women in these commercials rarely talk, are seen flinging their hair around, and are always in a windy location. As silly as these commercials seem, women in our society seem to like them. I hate the admit it but before watching this clip I never noticed how ridiculous these commercials can be. Regardless of how dumb or ridiculous these commercials are they seem to be doing something right. Women in our society are constantly trying to better themselves, which is why these commercials work. They have the power to make women believe that these products will give them the opportunity to, “rewrite their hairs past.” Thus, giving them the perfect hair they have always strived for.

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