Tupac’s Return Resonates for Advertisers

Read the article, then watch the performance (but cover your ears…there are curses)

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7 Responses to Tupac’s Return Resonates for Advertisers

  1. Emilie Osterkamp says:

    Wow. Though I prefer country music, I am well aware of who Tupac is and of his profound impact on my generation, the one before me and those to follow. I am left nearly speechless in regards to a response to this video being the lingering thought in my mind is “damn, I’m expected to top that being I am in the generation of up and coming advertisers”. However, as intimidated as I find myself, I am excited about the possibilities I will be exposed to. The power behind this type of production is striking. Advertising to me, at it’s best is most effective when it interacts with the target audience and there is no doubt Tupac was most definitely interacting here.

  2. Quinn Flaherty says:

    The Tupac hologram left me speechless and anxious for what the future may hold. It is clear that everyone involved put forth extensive research to prepare such an accurate portrayal. It is clear that Dr. Dre had an elaborate vision of what this Tupac performance was going to look like, and Digital Domain brought it to life. I’m not convinced I feel using deceased famous people is the most ethical thing in terms of making money in advertising and marketing. I can imagine the families of the famous people used in these future advertisements could feel their loved ones have been taken advantage of.

  3. Bryttnee L says:

    I had many friends attend the Coachella music festival and actually spoke to them about the performance from Dr Dre, Snoop, and the holographic Tupac. Many of my friends stated what the CEO did about the reaction of the crowd. Many of my friends told me that they were very confused at first until they realized it was indeed a holograph. I was amazed to find out after reading the article that the idea and the majority of the work came from Dre and Snoop with the help of two other directors. At the end of the article, the CEO mentioned that this was just the beginning of this new fascinating technology and to stay tuned. That statement made me feel as if they already have some other holograph of others who have passed already developed. I have heard of a TLC reunion tour with a holographic Lisa “left-eye” Lopez. I think that this new technology paves the way for marketers and advertisers because of the low cost this technology apparently is. I was shocked to hear that this technology of producing a holograph cost less than producing a motion picture…. I also agree with Quinn’s statement of the ethics of using the deceased for money making purposes, but I do feel as if there are other possibilities or another direction this technology can be used besides using the deceased clearly for a profit.

  4. Juliet Terramin says:

    As all the above comments have noted, I was extremely shocked to see Tupac perform at Cochella and I would have been in more awe if I was there to witness it first hand. This performance not only marks the beginning of what can be a holographic phenomenon but also raised advertising standards to an ultimate high. I believe that with this hologram performance that there could be full concerts and tours of everyone from Tupac, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Biggie Smalls, Whitney Houston, and Elvis Presley. This could lead to a major money market but could also allow the generations of people who were not old enough to appreciate these icons in their prime, a chance to relive their great talents. I was not old enough to appreciate Tupac’s talent while he was alive and am very fortunate to be able to watch the Cochella video to see what an amazing performer he was. At the end of the article it said that Dr. Dre came to the producers with an idea that they cannot discuss and I believe that this is to make a full Tupac tour with Snoop Dogg and Dre. As Quinn said in the above comment about how the families would feel about holographic performances of deceased artists, I believe that the families would be amazed to see how real the performances are and would appreciate the fact that their loved ones are still able to do what they love without being here. Also, it seems recently that companies are recreating everything and anything they can in order to make money. For example, all the Disney movies coming back to theaters but in 3D with higher quality pictures than ever before, and Titanic in 3D. I don’t necessarily believe this is a good thing, but it allows audiences to receive what they want and allows for younger generations to experience Disney movies in a way that the children who grew up with in the 1990’s once did. This is no different than Tupac being brought back for all to experience at Cochella.

  5. Ryan S says:

    Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend Coachella, but I first saw this video the day after it happened and I was mind-blown. Just the fact that we have seen this kind of technology in sci-fi movies. and now it’s a reality is just amazing. From an advertising point of view this really opens up a whole new spectrum of advertising just like the recent rise in social media ads. To think that firms would be able to pre-record a pitch using the hologram technology, and present it across the world without having to fly there, is now a real life possibility. Another option this technology gives advertising is the chance to display prototypes in their full potential. Just imagine how cool it would be during a pitch where a company is presenting a truck design, and they have a hologram of the truck drive across the meeting table. But going back to the Tupac appearance, I don’t know how I feel about it on an ethical perspective. A part of me wants to say let the deceased rest in peace, but yet the other part of me would find it moving to see someone like Selena who had such a tragic passing perform on stage. I think that this is a tremendous milestone for technology and it will be exciting to see how creative people will get with it.

  6. When I first saw the video of this performance I was completely in shock. Tupac’s hologram looks exceptionally realistic and I can’t even imagine what the fans that attended Coachella were thinking. After looking into the event further, I learned how much time and money Dr. Dre put into making this performance a success. He was able to work with the company and make sure that they hologram portrayed Tupac as realistically as possible. They hit the nail on the head with this one! Everything from his tattoo to his mannerisms to the shout out to Coachella was exactly right. Because this hologram worked so seamlessly, it makes me wonder what the future holds for holograms. Will we start to see these pop up across the country in the place of our favorite artists? As realistic as this was, I hope that the music industry does not start to send out holograms instead of real artists. There is something to be said about a live performance, and I hope technology does not change that. But nevertheless, hats off to the creators of the hologram they truly did bring back an icon if only for that brief moment.

  7. kellypetaja says:

    After hearing about this performance at Coachella, which included a hologram of Tupac, I was completely blown away. I had seen the video a few days after the actual performance and was surprised at how accurate this portrayal was. I can only imagine the crowd’s response to something this. This is unlike anything we have ever seen and makes me excited to see what else the future of technology has in store. The power behind this production is striking in the way that, “the lines between reality and virtual are completely blurred.” I personally have no problem with this type of performance and bringing the dead “back to life” but I can see how there maybe mixed feelings. Imagine how the family and friends of Tupac must feel, especially when this type of technology it is being used to generate money. I think this performance shows the amazing progress we have made in the world of technology, and makes me excited to see how this maybe used in the advertising world. Before reading this article I had no idea that Dr.Dre and Snoop Dog were the masterminds behind this performance with just the help of two directors. They did a great job at putting this performance together and creating Tupac’s hologram in a way that represented him perfectly from his head to his toes. Everything from his body language to the tattoos on his body made this a very realistic experience. After reading about all of the hard work that went into creating and planning this performance its hard not to appreciate and be excited about what the future has in store.

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