The truth® Hurts

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2 Responses to The truth® Hurts

  1. Andrew Gust says:

    I first off have to admit that I do not support the truth campaign. I am a non smoker, but I also think people should be allowed to do what they want with their body with in reason and not have to deal with people shoving dead lungs in their face. I think there are much better things this money can be spent on like education, environment.. etc. But having said that it does not seem to me that they are vilifying tobacco companies. Although harsh all the advertisements I have seen from truth have been about facts. It it occurs to me that maybe the industry and the products they sell may be the source of the vilification. On the other hand the “above the influence ads” seem to me outrageous and ineffective.

    This commercial just makes me want to smoke weed just to spite them

  2. Ryan Hagen says:

    The most recent “TRUTH” campaign commercial that I have seen is the “Shards O’ Glass”. Being a non smoker, but having been around friends and family that did/do smoke, I would consider myself to be in favor of the TRUTH campaign. The way I see it and from what I heard on the podcast Tobacco companies market towards younger adults sometimes even teenagers with their adds, but often don’t include the risks and when they do they are almost unreadable. I believe that the TRUTH campaign is designed to inform potential and current tobacco users about the possible health related problems and what is actually in tobacco. I think that as long as the TRUTH campaign doesn’t target any specific companies in their adds they should be able to market just as much as tobacco companies.

    Shards O’ Glass Commercial

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