TNT Ad Becomes the Second Most-Shared of All Time

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TNT’s ad has become the second most-shared of all time, according to Unruly, a video research firm. The ad, which was released on April 11, has been shared 3 million times. Only “The Force,” the 2011 Super Bowl ad from Volkswagen, has been shared more. (Todd Wasserman, Mashable)

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5 Responses to TNT Ad Becomes the Second Most-Shared of All Time

  1. Bryttnee Linear says:

    I was captured from the beginning, constantly wondering what the advertisement I was watching was for. I think this creative and clever approach made by the agency allowed individuals to almost engage in all of the commotion that was taking place, which also allowed individuals to somewhat connect to the story line. I do believe that telling a story throughout the allocated time is one of the most effective approaches in advertising by allowing consumers to connect on a different playing field. With that said, I think that this advertisement for TNT tells mini stories in order to allow the consumer to understand the whole spectrum of the drama that TNT has to offer.

  2. Jessica Katz says:

    The first thing that came to mind after I watched this was the TNT slogan “we know drama.” This is just solidification of said slogan. I think TNT did a great job of displaying all the different types of programming they have to offer as well as sporting events with the football players at the end. I can’t even imagine how cool it would have been to be a person that pushed the button. This was a great way to get people involved and more importantly remeber who and what TNT is.

  3. Ben Butterfield says:

    The fact that this advertisement has ben shared 3 million times made me think about how television ads are now being produced to target more than just television viewers. Marketing executives are now considering the way that television ads can go viral and reach a far larger audience without any additional cost to the company. With this in mind the design of ads may try to be more extreme and something that people want to see and share rather than something that people are forced to sit through during commercial breaks.

  4. Brittany Neptune says:

    While I did enjoy this advertisement and thought it had a well developed story line I do not understand how this commercial could have created that much hype for it to be shared 3 million times. Could there possibly have been an agency controlling the number of “hits” it got? Again I think this advertisement was enjoyable and it definitely stayed true to its slogan, “We know drama,” however, I don’t think it was brilliant. It is almost sad to note that some of these extremely thought provoking and creative advertisements that are underviewed are not the ones getting the 3 million shares. Maybe that’s just my opinion, but there were some really high quality ads that Deb Morrison shared in class the other day that could definitely evoke more emotion or action than this.

  5. Ryan Hagen says:

    This was a very very clever advertisement for TNT. I had never seen an advertisement like this and the whole time I was watching it I was wondering what it was trying to convey. I understood what the whole thing represented once the banner with TNT’s slogan “We Know Drama” came down. The amount of planning and creative brainstorming that must have gone into this one advertisement must have been unreal. After watching it though, the only thing that came to my mind when I tried to think of an advertisement like this was the concept of a flash mob. This video reminded me of a YouTube video that someone showed me about a recycling campaign that took place in Quebec.

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