Grown-up Food Brands Are After Your Kids

Tykes are taking an interest in foodie culture, and marketers are happy to cater to them.

Grown-up Food Brands Are After Your Kids

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3 Responses to Grown-up Food Brands Are After Your Kids

  1. Dustin Haines says:

    First reading this article I thought the idea of having a Food Network magazine strictly for kids was a ridiculous idea, but after thinking about it there are many positives that it is actually promoting. The purpose of promoting to this younger generation is obviously a strategy of promoting the product but at the same time it has the potential of bringing families together through the experiences that could take place in the kitchen. It has a great opportunity because of the aspect that it is not just going for consumers wallets but also that it entices them into finding time to be with their families in an active way. As long as they don’t try to overdue it and strictly promote certain products I feel like this will be a successful campaign.

  2. I think this is such a wonderful idea. It gives kids an opportunity to feel like they’re contributing, and anyone who has young children or has been around them knows how much children want to do what the adults are doing. I love the idea for the fact that it gives kids something to do with their parents, but I also love it because it’s an opportunity to educate young children about food and portion sizes, and what healthy ingredients versus unhealthy ingredients are. As long as the advertising doesn’t get too agressively focused on selling as many magazines as possible this could turn out to be a great thing.

  3. Bryttnee Linear says:

    I think this article is quite interesting because as it discusses the increase in children watching the Food Network and showing a high interest in more adult type meals, the Food Network Magazine is deciding to create a kid’s magazine. Wouldn’t a kid’s magazine with kid friendly meals defeat the purpose of marketers attempting to create a more family based cooking and dinnertime. I do understand the kid’s magazine showing kids cooking with adults, which is great. Maybe I misunderstood the point. Is it possible that the point in creating a kids Food Network magazine showing kids cooking with adults and having more kid friendly meal recipes because there are so many children watching the Food Network anyway? However, the idea of creating a magazine in order for children to learn how to cook meals with their family that are also more kid friendly I think is a great idea. In this day and age, eating at the dinner table and cooking with families is so far stretched.

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