Internet Ad Revenues Hit $31 Billion in 2011, Historic High Up 22% Over 2010 Record-Breaking Numbers

Courtesy of Jim S.

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3 Responses to Internet Ad Revenues Hit $31 Billion in 2011, Historic High Up 22% Over 2010 Record-Breaking Numbers

  1. Ryan S says:

    This increase in internet ad revenues does not come as a surprise to me personally. With the rise of smart phones, electronic tablet devices and social media sites people are on the internet 24/7. Due to the rise in smart phones and electronic tablets is the main reason for mobile having the largest increase in revenue for internet ads. Being an owner of the Iphone, I have seen many ads while playing apps such as “Words With Friends,” “Hanging With Friends,” and “Draw Something.” While seeing the ads I never wondered about how much these companies are paying for this until now. This increase in revenue just comes to show how advertising has changed from a print based history, then to television, and now the internet. Lastly, this statistic shows where advertisers think people are getting information from, and that is mobile devices. Unless there is another huge innovation in technology, I can pretty much predict that mobile will increase again in next years revenue report.

  2. Keloni K says:

    After having read this article it has shown how much advertising has changed over the past years. Nowadays we are in such a digital age with things like a laptop, iphone, and an ipad. Which helps me to believe that the increase in ad revenues is because of how much the world has progressed into online things and the digital work. More and more websites that never had much advertising before are starting to have a bunch of advertisements, thus the increase in revenues. For me personally I see most of my ads online on my laptop because I don’t even read through a newspaper or look through magazines anymore. Everything is online. Its amazing to see the changes in our world today

  3. rcochran22 says:

    With the birth of digital media, one cannot help but wonder if television will even exist in the near future. The fact that advertising revenue has increased over 22% within one year is a clear sign that even advertisers are cognizant of the fact that digital media is on the rise. Personally, I use my laptop for almost everything concerning media using providers such as Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and many more. The growth in mobile advertising makes sense due to the fact almost everyone in the 21st century requires a phone to be an accessible/participating individual within our society. Which brings about the next question: Will land lines become obsolete was well if everyone owns a cell phone? Mobile advertisements still catch me off guard from time to time for I recently transitioned to a smart phone and I can’t say that I’m fond of such frequent interruptions but I do remember the ads. I am sure we will see the day where advertising is seen on every available space, including the bottom of toilet lids.

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