In New Ads, Stirring Memories of Commercials Past

In New Ads, Stirring Memories of Commercials Past - New York Times“Comfort marketing is part of efforts to reassure consumers who demand value for money that they are buying products that have stood the test of time. But to counter perceptions that brands trading in nostalgia are too old-fashioned for contemporary needs, many of the revivals, like StarKist’s, also involve updating and refreshing the mascots, songs, slogans and other venerable ad elements.” (Stuart Elliott,

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1 Response to In New Ads, Stirring Memories of Commercials Past

  1. Rob Jewett says:

    I think this is a really good way of bringing back successful ad campaigns from the past. Most of todays adults will still remember those commercials for products that they used to buy, but may have drifted away from over the years. If today’s parents start to be aware of the product again, their buying habits may be passed down to their children and the younger generations.

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