The World’s Most Valuable and Fastest Growing Brands

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6 Responses to The World’s Most Valuable and Fastest Growing Brands

  1. exPRession says:

    Looking over the list I was surprised by some of the brands listed. The brands on this list don’t necessarily have the most memorable advertising. Of the list, McDonald’s, Apple,Coca Cola, and AT&T stand out to me the most when thinking of brand advertising. I was most surprised by Marlboro standing at number 8 on the list as there are so many anti-smoking advertisements.

  2. E Ford says:

    This is a very good article on brand value. A must read for marketing enthusiasts. It does a terrific job of explaining some of the factors used to calculate the enormous sums of money tied to the completely intangible nature of brands. The more I learn about todays busniess environment the more I have come to believe that branding is everything. Consumers have so much accesss and so many choices when they make a purchase. Without a great brand to back it even a great product has a very uncertain future. Like the article says of the king, Coca-Cola, “(but) without a brand, It’s just brown fuzzy liquid.”

  3. In response to both E Ford’s and exPRession’s comments, it is true that branding is huge when it comes to being a successful business. Most of the companies listed have done a lot to expand their presence with the use of creative (and successful) branding campaigns. However, my biggest argument would be that two of these companies (McDonalds and Marlboro) are not “morally conscious” brands. Branding genius Scott Bedbury believes that a good branding strategy only works when the company has a good, morally sound product. For instance, McDonalds could essentially change the fast food industry if they made the move to environmentally conscious operations, and Marlboro kind of speaks for itself. Obviously branding can play a vital role in the status of a multimillion dollar corporation, but it isn’t the only way to make money.

  4. kellypetaja says:

    This article was very interesting and did a great job at showing me the value of a brand. I had never thought much about the different ways a brand can be used until reading this. Having a brand is a very important part of today’s business world for many reasons. A good brand can help a company reduce business risks, gain power and respect from customers. Looking at the example of Toyota and their need to recall vehicles is a great example of how powerful a good brand can truly be. Having a brand that is know for its loyalty allowed Toyota to recover much faster than ever expected, and really showed the true power behind a great brand.

  5. alposton says:

    All but Chine Mobile are familiar brands to me. The thing I find most interesting is that Google actually lost some of its brand value, yet it is still ranked second. I think that with the surge in Android OS (operating system) users and the large number of Google products the mobile OS utilizes, Google will soon be neck in neck competing with Apple, especially since the Android OS can be placed on such a large number of devices, versus what Apple installs on it’s devices. I think that if Apple changed their strategy and allowed other devices to carry their mobile OS, they would take off and most likely monopolize the industry.
    In direct response to exPRession, I have a hard time agreeing with none of the brands on the list have memorable advertising. If you don’t take into account that you see the brands you already listed nearly every day, and actually thought back to jingles and other ads, you’d be surprised…

  6. Jessica Katz says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that the fastest growing brands are of the social networking, coffee, and beer type. Brands like Facebook and Starbucks are household names worldwide. It makes sense that Facebook and Starbucks are somewhat parallel in their growth as sipping on a latte, checking Facebook and maybe browsing Amazon for the latest and greatest becomes evermore the norm. Also, Brazil in general is on the rise economically, politically, and socially so it’s only natural that a brand out of Brazil has hit the global stage, especially a beer brand (who doesn’t like beer?!). What did surprise me was the fact that Hermes and Burberry were included on the list of fastest growing brands. Rise or fall in economies aside, they are still extremely expensive brands that not your average house wife could afford. A scarf alone from Hermes runs the average price of about $820 and the average Burberry handbag generally costs about $1200. Believe me, I would if I could, but who can really afford this? Maybe it’s their infallible customer service. Then again, brand growth doesn’t necessarily mean that people are buying the product but rather people know of and associate with the culture of the brand and who wouldn’t want to associate with luxury to some extent?

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