“You think sometimes you’re going to run out of material with cats, but you never do.” (john st.)

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6 Responses to Catvertising

  1. Emilie Osterkamp says:

    I really don’t love cats, but that video kept ahold of my attention. To me, the indirect humor was most effective. I knew the video was mocking a phenomenon that has in fact feld the web (home videos of pets) however, the serious tone used compelled me to feel as though I was watching a real advertising pitch.

  2. Maggy Failing says:

    I was hysterically laughing during this entire video. I think the creators did an amazing job of capturing the viewers attention, providing an entertaining message and having fun along the way! This is one of the funniest ads I have seen in a very long time. Loved it!

  3. Garrett S. Hunt says:

    As ridiculous, and clearly comical as this particular video is intended to be, I still strongly feel as if it offers rather insightful commentary regarding the power of “web-trends.” With the undeniable popularity of sites like youtube, Internet media consumers have been able to consistently view and produce videos, pictures, and songs that display the simplicities and commonalities of their lives. As opposed to strictly watching content from television, films, or web-based shows, people now have a platform to create and view short videos that are mass-produced. Instead of content coming from an entertainment or Internet company, everyday individuals are producing content for everyday individuals, and as a result, babies, puppies, pranks, and cats have become immensely popular amongst Internet consumers. Although, this clever “catvertising “ video is obviously exaggerated, it offers an idea about popular Internet trends that successful advertisers certainly can’t deny.

  4. Allie Lord says:

    I think this ad was highly effective “catvertising,” despite the obvious humor behind the trend. While the video did an excellent job of poking fun at the internet sensation, what stood out to me was john st. advertising showcasing their ability to come up with unique and humorous videos that can capture an audience’s attention. In a very smart move on their part, this video will circulate the web easily as part of the cat video trend as free publicity for john st. advertising.

  5. bigburr08 says:

    I have to admit, that I have already showed many of my friends this video. It definitely kept my attention the whole time, and made me laugh out loud multiple times. I thought the way they make it seem real well obviously making it clear it was a fake phenomen made it be able to be humorous, as well as catching. The music I believe as well reminded me of what you see played for dramatic scenes in TV shows or movies, the scenes they want you to not look away from. All in all I enjoyed it, as it also touched on things that we all can relate to; cats taking over online videos (youtube). Not only that but the St. John at the end stuck out to me because of the cat. If I hear the word St. John, wether its crossing the bridge in portland or the basketball team in New York one idea will pop in my head: “Catvertising.”

  6. Nate Spere says:

    I thought this was brilliant. Taking a trend that everyone is familiar with and putting a spin on it that not only captures the audience, but also shows off the creative talent of St Johns advertising company was a move that will no doubt set them apart. Advertising is a world seeking the unique and captivating minds. WIth this video they have successfully pitched their company by showing how capable they are of bringing these traits to the table.

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