Andy Hobsbawm @ TED: Do the green thing

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3 Responses to Andy Hobsbawm @ TED: Do the green thing

  1. Brittany Neptune says:

    Even though the link was broken on this page I was able to find this TED Talks video on Youtube. This video is quite in alignment with what our guest speaker yesterday said in class about creativity and how an advertiser must really stretch their brain to think in unconventional ways in order to produce quite innovative and interesting advertisements that will actually make the audience pay attention to it. Take the “Do the green thing” advertisment in this video: it is quite rare and difficult for someone to think up a connection between road signs and a love story and furthermore a point to be more sustainable by walking since we normally don’t associate love with road signs. However, although this story may be seen as dissociated from the visual representation it is simple enough for the audience to follow and make connections once the images and end message are revealed. This could indidcate the successfulness of an advertiser: getting people to think about things in different ways.

  2. Ryan Hagen says:

    After watching the video and listening to what Andy Hobsbawm said about how great creativity is part of every ad campaign, I began to realize just how much the creativity of an add can effect how I perceive it. For instance in the video Hobsbawn discusses a project that one of his groups has been working on called “Do The Green Thing”. This advertisement consisted of a story told by different signs on the streets one person might encounter while walking to walk. Even though this might seem like a simple idea, I believe it is very effective in encouraging people to try to walk to places instead of always driving. Another thing that came to my mind while watching the “Do The Green Thing” ad was the amount of Strategic Planning that went into the ad. The other day Charlie Robertson said that the goal of Strategic Planning was to inform/inspire great creative work in all disciplines of brand expression. I think this short and simple ad campaign used great creativity in order to get the goal of the company across to the viewers.

  3. Hobsbawm’s talk epitomized what is important in advertising, and that is creativity. Without creativity there is no way advertising could be successful. It perfectly matched up with what we learned in class on Tuesday; people are constantly looking to be surprised. I think the best way to get a point across to millions of consumers is to think outside the box. The “Do the Green Thing” advertisement would not have been even a fraction as compelling had it used a more traditional form of advertising a “green initiative” might take, such as throwing facts at the screen of how much cars are polluting the environment. It is interesting to take a step back from the advertisement itself and really analyze what factors are in play in terms of creativity, and trying to learn to apply that in your own work.

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