Vintage American Ads Get Online Archive

Vintage American Ads Get Online Archive - Wall Street Journal

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  1. Ryan Sagawa says:

    My response to this article and website is, “Finally!” Being a Digital Arts major I’m constantly looking for things to use for inspiration, and vintage advertisements are always a great source. Unfortunately, finding them is always a timely and frustrating process. Majority of the problems dealt with the size of the images and the lack of variety. With the creation of this online database not only does it make things easier to search for vintage ads but from an advertising point of view it provides a place to study the history of advertising. People can analyze how ads changed over time and see what details are still being used in current day ads. Not only can this site be used for research and design purposes, but it can also be a leisurely thing as well. This site gives a trip down memory lane and gives people a chance to view historical images that may be sentimental to them. I appreciate that the creator Jay Paull took the time to create such a database and I’m sure many others feel the same.

  2. Quinn Flaherty says:

    The online archive Jay Paull has created will be a time line for advertising from 1830-1920. The aspect I most look forward to seeing from the site will be how advertising changed over time. With the knowledge of what worked in the field of advertising and what didn’t, ads changed in their delivery of message. It will be fasinating to be able to compared and contrast ads from that span of years. Especially, because this is when advertising when just beginning. All of the ads will be very simple and unique because they are from so long ago. It is disappointing that due to publishing laws, newer ads will not allowed to be on the sight. Within the last 30 years in when advertising became the exciting spectacle it is today.

  3. says:

    This article made me think critically about the way advertising has changed over time and the larger question about what advertising can tell us about American culture. For example ads. could potentially be used as primary historical sources that tell us about cultural, political, and technological trends. For example the “Safe arsenic complexion wafers” reveal how far medicine has advanced since the 19th century. Additionally looking at the products and values associated with advertisements today, one might find and obsession with appearances and over medicalization.

  4. Johnny Escobar says:

    This website is fascinating. It will give great insight as to how the world of advertising has evolved over the years. It will be interesting to see if modern advertising companies use vintage ads as an influence to sell their products. The ad shown above is simple, concise, direct and does the job that it was intended to do.

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