Substantial Growth in Ads Is on the Way to Facebook

Substantial Growth in Ads Is on the Way to Facebook -

Mike Segar/Reuters

“Despite aggressively courting Madison Avenue for the last few years, Facebook has been an anomaly in the world of digital advertising. The ad units offered less creative options for advertisers who want to, say, take over the site’s home page or add moving text to an ad. Rather, the value in Facebook’s ads was in their data and personalization.” (Tanzina Vega,

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  1. Garrett S. Hunt says:

    Being as incredibly pervasive, relevant, and undeniably dominant as it is in the lives of most social media subscribers, I too, couldn’t help but notice the overall lack of Facebook advertisements. Although clearly the campaigns and ad’s do exist, they seem to do so in way that appeals to subscribers in what is perhaps a more subtle, almost subconscious fashion. It seems as if Facebook aims to nearly blend the lines between what qualifies as a pure “advertisement,” with the elements and attributes of individuals social media lives. As opposed to blatantly and overtly displaying large images for “Nike” or “McDonald’s,” they seem to creatively find ways for your friends and interests to display them to you.

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