Shark Week / Lady Gaga

Thanks to Molly for passing this along.  Notice the synergy/cross-promotion with Lady Gaga and iTunes…

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  1. Layc Looney says:

    Every time I come across an ad produced with a song from Lady Gaga it makes me happy. I am an avid Lady Gaga fan, and it makes me so happy to know that she is that influential to people. This was a great usage of synergy and cross-promotion between Discovery Channel, Lady Gaga, and iTunes. It fit perfectly. It added a ton of feeling and emotion when they would play the sound of the sharks jumping out of the water along with the song, especially when she would sing, “Show Me Your Teeth”. I really got excited during the NBA finals when Lady Gaga’s song, “Edge of Glory”, had just came out and they played it during commercials to promote the series. Two of my favorite things, Basketball and Lady Gaga!

  2. Katie Doyle says:

    I think this ad is effective because it ads some pop culture to shark week. Even though shark week is already pretty much the coolest week of the year, adding lady gaga music and making the commercial really entertaining could possibly capture the interest of others who would perhaps not have otherwised watched shark week before.

  3. Heidi Payghambari says:

    I definitely was thinking the same thing as Katie about how the integration of the lady gaga music could be pulling in a different pool of viewers. I’ve personally never seen shark week on discovery channel but this promotional video is doing an effective job of raising my awareness in an edgy- which is the essence of lady gaga- way. On the AIDA levels, they got my attention, interest, and possibly enticed me to actually do the “action” and watch the channel.

  4. Trevor Fox says:

    Sadly I’ve never actually watched shark week, nor am I an avid Lady Gaga fan. This commercial is cool in just the way it is presented with the sharks jumping out of the water. I honestly would have never known Lady Gaga sang that song if it were not for it being posted here, I just connected the “show me your teeth” to the sharks. Shark week does look really cool though, maybe I’ll check it out thanks to this post.

  5. Gives me goosebumps. Shark Week is definitely Discovery Channel’s biggest thing, everyone always posts and reposts things on facebook and twitter ect. It seems natural they’d get a heavy hitter to do a trailer for it. I would have never put the Gaga/iTunes thing together but way to go Apple people, always messing with my head.

  6. allyson flournoy says:

    I agree with a lot of the other comments about how this will make a lot of younger viewers watch it. It is such a catchy song and combining lady gaga and shark week sounds weird, I think its a good combo and edgy-ness.

  7. sean kim says:

    i like everybodys comments and can connect with everyones views. I have only seen shark week once but the commercial was very eye catching and exciting. Im not really a big fan of lady gaga either but the i like the beat of the song and her song fits well with the show, it pulls the viewers in.

  8. Scott Wooley says:

    Everyone loves shark week. This ad specifically was interesting to me only because you asked us to notice the itunes/Lady Gaga synergy with shark week. I had to watch the ad a second time to see the itunes ad. It wasn’t something I was looking for, so I focused solely on the shark week part of the advertisement.

  9. Evon Sahaleh says:

    I found it really interesting that the discovery channel decided to partner up with somebody like Lady Gaga for their commercial. When thinking about the 2, they are as opposite as can be, but somehow the ad comes full circle and works out well.

  10. Max Williams says:

    It seems to me that the advertising for Shark Week has gotten really good over the years. While this ad isn’t exactly something that intrigues me too much, I can see why it does a good job of bringing attention to the product. It is pretty amazing how Discovery has made Shark Week into a pretty mainstream thing to watch. I think they’re also doing a good job of this with shows like deadliest catch and the survival shows; which are making their channel popular even with people that don’t like documentaries.

  11. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    I really love Lady Gaga, but I really don’t see the connection between shark week and her music. I found it almost distracting, because of the fact that they have no real connection with each other. I am wondering what there reasoning behind it was? Or who made the first move? I wonder if Discovery was trying to target a younger girl age group and asked Gaga to be the music behind the commercial?

  12. nedmills says:

    Using Lady Gaga in a effective way in a ad can be very successful. She has a unreal amount of fans and to use such a large icon in a commercial can attract a wide audience. Although there is no real connection between her and Shark Week, I think that its catchy and the video is well edited. As Shark Week becomes more and more popular, its apparent that Discovery has been becoming more and more creative on ways to attract more of a wider audience.

  13. Alexandra Reyes says:

    I am so sick of Lady Gaga. It seems like she is every where. I hate it. However, I love this ad. For all the people into Lady Gaga, they will check out this promo. It is strange though that Lady Gaga fans would be into Shark Week. They don’t really seem to go together, but Cops stayed on the air for so long so I guess people like to watch crazy things like this. People like watching sharks eat things. I love the history channel, but its not for everyone. I wonder how this will really work out. Will people tune in who never watched this show before? I doubt it not everyone like blood and guts.

  14. I feel this ad was ok. Listening to this song made me want to brush my teeth. I have also grown a little tired of Lady Gaga. The song went well lyric wise, but I feel Discovery Ch could do better. A pop song does not go well with the killing of animals.

  15. I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga or of Shark Week, although I do really like them both. I just wouldn’t normally go out of my way to listen to Lady Gaga or to watch Shark Week. However, this ad was really cool, because it gives shark week a fresh spin and probably does draw in an audience that NatGeo doesn’t typically reach very well. Shark Week has small group of really dedicated watchers/followers, but it seems to me that it’s something that you don’t just ‘start’ watching or being interested in..people either know about it and love it or they maybe have heard of it but aren’t interested enough to watch it. I think this commercial can grab people and make them watch Shark week for the first time and then be hooked (ha).
    The cross-advertising thing can be really cool or really confusing, but I think as long as it’s done well it can be really effective, although I think sometimes people will dislike that they can’t easily identify what is actually being promoted. I showed my presentation group an ad that W+K had done that was for Dodge Charger/Fast Five the movie, and it was sort of was cool but also hard to identify what the purpose really was.

    I also agree with the earlier comments that it is really well edited and that I hadn’t heard this song until this commercial.

  16. Chie Oda says:

    This commercial is very interesting to me. I knew this GaGa’s song before, but I have no idea that it can be connected to commercial or shark. This song is very suitable for pictures of shark in the commercial. Because of effectiveness of music, this commercial can be in people’s mind. Even if people listen to this song in other situations, they can remember this commercial.

  17. Michelle Litchman says:

    I enjoy this because, while not the biggest lady gaga fan, the creators of this commercial took two very eclectic parts of society and helped them to promote each other. it is a great use of borrowed interest because who would have thought that a cult like discovery channel show and a cult like pop icon would be able to market each other? not me, but i dig it

  18. Sui qianni says:

    I am not a lady gaga fan, but I enjoy her song. If no one tell me this video’s background song is from gaga, i will not notice that. This video catch me eyes and I do not have time to think of the song or the music. But I really enjoy this video.

  19. Ayumi Sakitani says:

    I am not a Lady Gaga fan, but I think this ad is still very effective. I think Discovery Channel is world-wide channel and of course, I can watch it in Japan as well. However, I’ve never watch it even after I came to U.S. That’s the problem. I guess the audience of Discovery Channel is narrow and specific. But this Lady Gaga’s ad can appeal to broader range of audience because it’s very unique and able to stuck with people’s mind. I guess the target audience of this ad would be people who are not interested in Discovery Channel.

  20. Kyle Ruble says:

    This really makes me think of the creative process used in these ads. I think this is a very attention grabbing video and has cultural resonance through the use of Lady Gaga. Her singing matches this perfectly but it demonstrates little actual information about shark week itself. Discovery has had an interesting shift in it’s methods of attracting viewership a few years ago before all the hit shows they produce I doubt this would be produced. For some reason I remember older ads to be more serious, deadpan and monotone. Glad this shift has occured.

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