Conceptual Logos

Check out these conceptual logo designs, passed on by Heidi.

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  1. Kristen Andersen says:

    To be honest, I had never really noticed the arrow in FedEx’s logo but now I think its a cool idea. When looking at the other design logos it was amazing with what people came up with playing off just one word. Organizations and brands with interesting logo designs draw consumer eyes more than the actual product will so it is beneficial to have an interesting logo to keep potential consumers interested and have a higher impression rate.

  2. Ellie Boggs says:

    The designs I enjoy the most of are the ones that have a cleverly hidden portion, such as the FedEx arrow, and the Paint the City skyline. These are the ones I’ll remember because they made me look at them more than once. I also noticed a lot of these clever logos belonged to groups or organization like the Umbrella Foundation, which doesn’t necessarily have a product to play off of in their advertising so their design instead reflects their name. Lots of cool ideas here.

  3. Trevor Fox says:

    I noticed some subliminal messages in these logos that push the companies goals on their viewers. The Fedex one is a good example like mentioned above with the arrow giving the impression that they will get your packages to where you want them to . Another one I found interesting was the unplugged logo with the dog broken in half and looks like an electric plug. I had no idea what this logo meant, but it was interesting so I looked the company up and I’m guessing that was their strategy.

  4. Katie M. says:

    These conceptual logos are multi-taskers. Along with being clever/cute they also give a bit of information about what the company does. I think this is a smart approach because you are doing more with less. In today’s fast paced society, I feel like this could be an effective method, because it communicates its message almost immediately.

  5. alexandra reyes says:

    I don’t see, maybe i’m blind. I think this logos are great, but some off them are too strange and I wouldn’t look into them. These ads can be great, but sometimes they are too creative. Creative people may love them. Like H T, I don’t get it. How does it relate to the company. If they are targeting creative people or people who love art that greats, but if they are looking for new business it won’t help that much. People will remember what they look like, but they won’t know what company the logo represents so they won’t go to it. It is like they went to one of those design schools and designed whatever they wanted, but did not have a company to think about.

  6. Molly Johnson says:

    My mind is blown by the arrow in the FedEx logo right now! Never took the time to notice it and it is super clever. I love subtle things like that. I also liked looking through the rest of the logos that have adopted that clever attitude that makes their audience not only read their logo but see it. Logos were made for recognition and I think these designs take that concept to the next level and really resonant with people.

  7. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I had never really noticed the arrow in FedEx’s logo until it was pointed out to me. It shows that I do not pay attention to much detail on logos. Looking at all the other logos I thought they were very clever and I liked how the symbol is hidden but you can still find it.

  8. Layc Looney says:

    I have never seen the arrow in FedEx’s logo until just now either. To be honest I looked at it for a while after reading people’s comments to find it! That’s embarrassing. But all these logo’s were really clever. I like how they hide messages about their company’s mission and tactical business purposes even within the logo. It is extremely interesting to me. I am constantly brainstorming ideas for names and logos for a clothing boutique that I would like to open someday. That is a job all in itself for me!

  9. Layc Looney says:

    I haven’t ever seen the arrow in the FedEx logo either until just now. To be honest it took me a while to even find the arrow after reading people’s comments on the design. That’s embarrassing! I think it is really amazing how brands can incorporate their business purposes and simplify what they do as a company within a logo. I am constantly brainstorming ideas of names and logos for a clothing boutique that I would like to open later in life. That is a job all in itself for me!

  10. There were some very clever and creative company logos. Personally, when I see a clever or creative logo it connects that to the quality of the company. Is it wrong to judge a company based on their logo? Maybe, maybe not but it sure is important to have a good, memorable logo.

  11. sean kim says:

    I didnt know about hidden logos like the Fedex arrow until I started taking this Arts and Visual class this summer, It is really creative and unique how they can hide these but make it explode out at you at the same time. My favorite Logo out of these 50 was the Killed productions, i thought it was clever to lay down the “i” because it looked like a person who has been killed.

  12. Heidi Payghambari says:

    This website caught my interest because, as everyone has basically mentioned, I had never paid attention to the arrow in the fed ex before, which makes me wonder if it is even effective if most of us had not paid attention to it; however, in a society where we are bombarded with logos on a daily basis, its imperative that companies step it up and try to make their logos more memorable as the website shows. My favorite is the royal theater; simple yet clever and obvious.

  13. Katie Doyle says:

    Im glad that someone posted this because I actually had this same page saved on MY stumbleupon account. I love looking at these type of logos that work out so well. Its really cool to not only look at them but to think about how the person who created it, came up with the idea.

  14. nedmills says:

    A logo can mean the life and death of a brand. It is the foundation for whatever you may be advertising. Whether it is clothes or an airline, that logo is what people truly remember. The association between a logo and a brand must be strong for a company to succeed. It is life time advertisement if it is creative and clever enough. Judging by the logos listed, simple and creative is better. Fancy and elaborate logos may come off as something unique but ultimately fail as sometimes it becomes to overwhelming.

  15. I love this kind of stuff, I’d love to go into branding and breaking words or an image down to where it’s pure Gestalt and nothing frilly. I think creative brands are at the heart of advertising and should be looked at as art, maybe the most profitable art.

  16. allyson flournoy says:

    I love these ads, and how they play on words. my favorite was umbrella one. I love the dot art. I also love the classic fed ex. I thought it was genius when someone pointed out the arrow between the letters. I thought that was so cool.

  17. Evon Sahaleh says:

    I really liked the designs because they are all unique in their own way. Each design was able to find a way to lure in viewers with their ad with just the image and the play with words on the image.

  18. Max Williams says:

    Some of these are really creative and show some really cool brand designs. However, I think that a few did go a little over the top, and it made them a little less interesting to me. For example, the “Bison” one, kind of makes it look, to me, like they tried a little to hard to do something clever. When done right though, these can really help to build brand image.

  19. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    like almost everyone I did not notice the arrow in Fedex either. I do not understand why they would want to make it so hidden within their ad campaign. I really enjoyed some of the other ads I found them very creative and fun to look at. Although with that said I thought that some of them were a little to literal and they could have been a little more out of the box with some of their designs.

  20. Erik Larson says:

    I’ve heard that in Asian countries, the arrow was the first thing people see, and it has to do with the difference we have used white space in our art. I also found some of these logos to be distracting, such as the zoom one.

  21. I remember when someone first told me about the FedEx logo, and it took me SO long to see it. I just could NOT see it. But once I did, I couldn’t look at the FedEx logo again without that being the first thing I noticed. This is a really cool site, and a lot of the logos were really interesting because they call up an image and a name in your mind whenever you think about that company or brand. It reminds me of the theater of the mind idea that we talked about for radio, because lots of these names alone would not cause someone to have some specific visual image in their head. With the sort of sneaky picture in there, you’re able to get that mental picture element, even if they are sort of providing it to you subtly.

  22. these logos were sick wit it. Like everyone else, I never noticed the arrow in FEDEx and when I was in LA, I was dropping stuff off at fedex everyday. my favorites were Bones and Firestarter.

  23. Scott Wooley says:

    The Bison logo was my favorite. It’s crazy how they can bend words to make art. Logo’s need to be creative to catch attention.

  24. Chie Oda says:

    There are a lot of creative designs here!! I like them. My favorite one is “unpugged.”
    As to “wine searcher, ” I know this design shows two wine bottles. However, I thought these bottles looked like a glasses. These designs are creative, but sometimes they can be ambiguous.

  25. Ayumi Sakitani says:

    As many people said, I also have never noticed the arrow in FedEx logo. Eric said that in Asian countries, the arrow was the first thing people see, but maybe it’s not true or I am an exception. However, I have heard that when American people and Japanese people see the same picture or drawing for a short time like maybe 10 or 15 sec, what they remember is totally different. This is cultural difference of perception. What I want to say is our society is full of logos of brand, but we might see the difference in those logos according to countries or region in the world. So far, I like American logos. They are very creative!

  26. Michelle Litchman says:

    I heard about the arrow in the FedEx logo a really long time ago but I never actually remember that it is there. I love the idea of conceptual logos. If anything, I spend jsut a little more time looking at them than I would a more standard logo design. And isn’t that all the company wants? For you to spend a little more time on their logo than others?

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