And while you’re at it, take the Corporate Logo quiz

Post how many you got right and which ones you got wrong.

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29 Responses to And while you’re at it, take the Corporate Logo quiz

  1. Scott Wooley says:

    I got 27 out of 36.
    I missed Atari, Sporcle, Prudential, Adobe, AOL, Boeing (This logo makes no sense), General Mills, Sprint, and Anheuser-Busch.

  2. Ellie Boggs says:

    I got 20 out of 36,
    A lot of the ones I got wrong were similar to Scott… Adobe, Boeing, General Mills, Guiness, Anheuser-Busch. Surprisingly, I got a lot of the car and telephone companies wrong too. I recognized the logo but I couldn’t think of the name to match to the logo. As soon as I saw the name and logo paired it was obvious, but I just couldn’t quite get there on my own

  3. Kristen Andersen says:

    I was able to get 24 out of 36. Like Ellie and Scott I missed Boeing, Sporcle, General Mills, Guiness, Anheuser-Busch, Mazda and surprisingly Deere. Some of the logos I missed I recognized like the Mazda and Deere but could not think of the name. Even though I missed a couple logos I still recognized the majority

  4. Ayumi Sakitani says:

    I got 24 of 36. I couldn’t recognize Safeway, Sprint, Guiness, and Adobe, even I often see them in my daily life. However, some of them like Atari, Deere & Company, Anheuser-Busch, America Online, Prudential Financial, and Sporcle were what I have never seen heard before.

  5. Brin McAtee says:

    25 out of 36. The Irish side of my family will be ashamed that I couldn’t get Guinness. There were 4 that I honestly wouldn’t have gotten anyway.

  6. Katie M. says:

    I got 13 out of 36. This just makes me wonder about the effectiveness of advertising even when there is a big budget for advertising. Yes, like a lot of people have said before, I too recognized some of the symbols but could not remember the names. Is just being able to recognize a company’s symbol enough in terms of what advertisers want to achieve?

  7. Molly Johnson says:

    I got 21 out of 36…I obvious ones I missed were Chrysler, Spring and Marriott. I found myself getting annoyed that I couldn’t remember the names of companies that went along with the logo but then I realized that it was almost sad that I wanted to be that in tune with logos. Great activity though, I really enjoyed seeing how many I could recognize.

  8. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I got 27 out of 36. I missed some airlines which was interested because they are all mainstream ones but that shows how much I actually pay attention to the labels then just the names.

  9. I got 28 out of 36. Missed Boeing, Chrysler, Adobe, Prudential, Mazda, Toyota, Anheuser-Busch, and Sporcle. I noticed some of the logos seemed out of date since they have been re-designed recently.

  10. sean kim says:

    I got 28 out of 36, some of them I knew the logo, but I just couldn’t put a name to it. I missed Marriot, Sporcle Inc, Prudential Financial, Adobe Systems Inc, The Boeing Company, Anheuser-Busch, Guiness, General mills. I thought I did pretty well would of been in the 30’s if i could put the names to it.

  11. Trevor Fox says:

    I scored 24/36, which looks like the average score. Its funny that there were some brands, such as Guinness Beer which I see all the time, but I missed it. It was annoying that I could recognize many of the brands, but I couldn’t remember the names.

  12. Layc Looney says:

    I scored 28/36. I missed Guinness Beer, Sprint, Adobe, Sporcle, Marriot, Boeing, Anheuser-Busch, and Atari. I am annoyed that I missed Sporcle, because there was an ad running at the top of my screen for it after I had finished! I was familiar with many of the symbols that I missed, but I just couldn’t remember their names. I knew the beer logos were beer brands and couldn’t think of them!

  13. Katie Doyle says:

    24/36 I missed the marriot and a lot of the car ones. However i did get one right because my boyfriends 3 year old son said to me “Katie, thats an Audi” Yes, i said 3.

  14. Heidi Payghambari says:

    I got about in the middle of everyone eles’e scores of 23 right. I missed ones like prudential, adobe, atari, boeing, guinness, and sprint, and united airlines. I could definitely recall seeing several of these logos but not what company they were linked to.

  15. blueeyedleah says:

    I got a 32/36. I missed the Boeing International, Sporcle, etc.

  16. nedmills says:

    I surprisingly got 30/36 after I guessed on a few. Boeing International is a tough one and I would be surprised if a lot of people would recognize it. What I took away from this is that even though I wouldnt associate myself with brands like American Airlines, the logo is still implanted into my mind. I dont know if this is a good thing, judging by the class average, but I embrace it knowing that I would want to make a logo/brand as recognizable as the ones listed.

  17. I got 30 of them. These quizzes are so subconscious, unlike a math problem, there’s nothing to figure out…it either comes to you or it doesn’t. I think a lot of people are afraid of what is entering their heads and staying there, whether it be theme songs, logos or along the lines of brand identity but I just think of the companies in a better light in the way they were able to accomplish the subconscious talent.

  18. allyson flournoy says:

    i missed Atari, Deere & Company, Anheuser-Busch, America Online, Prudential Financial, and Sporcle. I was still very surprised on how many i got. Thinking about all the logos that are in our faces all day long. I think it would be fun to take another quiz like that but with 50, and I bet i would be surprised again on how many i know.

  19. 26/36. Missed some common ones: Boeing International, Anheuser-Busch, America Online, Prudential Financial, Adobe, Sporcle, General Mills, etc…

  20. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    I got 16/36 I found a lot of them hard I think its interesting because when I saw the names I was kicking myself because I should have known them. This is a really cool quiz I would love do see the younger generations do it and see what they get.

  21. Evon Sahaleh says:

    I ended up getting 22/36. I got all the common ones correct such as Mcdonalds, Apple, and Nike but had myself struggling over the financial brand logos. Probably because I zone out everytime one of those companies has an ad.

  22. Max Williams says:

    I got 28 out of 36. Also, about half of the ones I missed I realized that I may have been used to another form of the logo (older form, or seeing it in a specific place), or that I just forgot the name at the time. It’s kind of funny because everybody seems to have struggled with Boeing, but that was one of the easiest ones for me; being from the Seattle area, Boeing was a huge part of the community’s economy so everyone knows it up there.

  23. Erik Larson says:

    Got 30 out of 36. Definitely didn’t know the Guinness one.

  24. I got 36/36, but to be fair I had seen this quiz a year or two ago and had actually thought of recommending it, so I’m glad that someone else did! I remember that when I had taken it before I missed Boeing and then was a little surprised that I had, since they’re from the Northwest and I would have thought I would remember that. When I took it this time around, I was kind of surprised that I specifically remembered the ones I had gotten wrong the last time Adobe, AOL and Sprint.

  25. I just saw another sporcle quiz that asks you to name the business chain based on one letter of their name, so it’s stores that use some unique font or lettering. At first glance, I thought that would be impossible, but then I started to see some stores that I recognized. This one is a little creepier to me than the logos, because it’s such a small piece of information.

  26. 33/36 i missed Adobe, Sporcle, & Boeing. i should have gotten sporcle correct since its at the top of the site.

  27. Chie Oda says:

    I got 15 of 36!! I don’t know half…I thought I could get score more before I took this quiz. Even if I see lots of logos everyday, I don’t recognize all of them.
    I think logos should include initial or names of companies. It is easier to recognize the brand. Also, it helps people to know and recognize logos. Therefore, I think logo of toyota is better.

  28. Sui qianni says:

    I got 22/36! That is not to hard for me to know some famous logo. Mostly, I know the logos when I see them, if i never see that before, i will never know that. 14 of these logos i did not see before.

  29. Michelle Litchman says:

    I got 28 out of 36. I was surprised but I think a little relieved that I haven’t been manipulated enough to have gotten 100%.

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