The Eagerly Awaited DoubleMint Jingle…

…courtesy of Randall M, who also passed along one of the often played Mentos commercials from the 80s.  Post your favorite (or most disliked) jingle with a comment.

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22 Responses to The Eagerly Awaited DoubleMint Jingle…

  1. Max Williams says:

    I actually don’t remember the doublemint one, but I love the mento’s commercials. I also really like the parodies that have been done with the mentos ads. Shows how much of a lasting impact a good jingle can make.

  2. Heidi Payghambari says:

    The Folger’s commercial featuring Wayne Brady is definitely one of my favorite jingles. I heard it years ago but every time I have Folger’s, that songs rewinds in my head. Power of advertising.

    • Layc Looney says:

      I also remember the Folger’s commercials really well from when I was a kid. It would always remind me of waking up early with my dad before he went to work. I would sometimes get his coffee ready for him the night before work, I thought I was really helping him out or something! This jingle definitely is very familiar to me, I always hear it in my head if I hear the name Folger’s, even though I haven’t heard a commercial for it in a long time.

  3. Bryce Leonard says:

    Personally, I prefer simple musical jingles rather than lyrical ones. This coke ad is probably my favorite jingle for it’s simplicity and perfectly happy mood.

    The older Fanta commercials must have some of the most annoying jingles of all time… no doubt it will be stuck in my head for days now.

  4. Michelle Litchman says:

    I will admit I am a sucker for jingles, I loved the doublemint ads because I always wanted to be a twin (mary kate and ashley definitely played a part in that desire) and everyone in those commercials always looked like they were having so much fun.

    this was my favorite mentos commercial. i remember thinking the guy was so clever for being able to make his suit pinstriped. it is much cheesier now, but i still love it. i wish mentos ads still ran.

  5. Sui qianni says:

    I do not know if this is jingle. All I remember is a song “baba~bababa” form Mcdonald. That is simple and easy to remember. If people want me to say a thing about Mcdonald, first in my mind is this song.

    • Scott Wooley says:

      I was going to post the McDonalds jingle because I always think of “ba-da-bababa”, but I’ll post something different.

      This commercial was always on FSN Northwest so I saw it while watching Mariners games. I couldn’t remember what it was for, but I did a youtube search for “800 800 8553” and this popped up. Listen to the last 10 seconds of the commercial. It stays in my head.

  6. For my entire life whenever I think about Pepsi, no matter which up-and-coming star they have endorsing their beverage at the time, I will always think of this jingle. Britney Spears also did a video or two with the same jingle. I think the key to a successful jingle is catchy and simple, kind of like a SMIT. I feel like the “Jingle Era” is dying out though. It seems to me that jingles are being left back prior to the 2000s and probably won’t resurface again in the Ad world.

  7. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    I love silly jingles I find them so entertaining and witty. I think its so interesting how jingles stay with people for so long and can truly resonate with specific childhood events and times in ones life. I think although I like Jingles they are really specific for certain product.

  8. Jayson Hobby says:

    Maybe the 21st century version of a jingle? Not exactly a song but it’s the most recent jingle I can think of…and as annoying as it is…I think it works.

  9. Kristen Andersen says:

    This K9 advantix jingle was very popular when we were growing up, I remember everyone singing it because it was always on tv and sticks in your head. Jingles can be a big selling point for the product or completely turn consumers away from the product if the tune is annoying

  10. Katie M. says: in the spirit of Wrigley’s gum I remember the Big Red jingle, and how it even was used in the movie Get Over It, and how in singing the jingle that everyone in the auditorium knew, everyone came together and joined in.

  11. Amber Heitkemper says:

    Every time I have seen this commercial I also singing the song. One because it is catchy and two because the kids singing it are so cute. It is catches and stays in my head and I am brand loyal to band aids so there advertising works.

  12. alexandra reyes says:

    Rice a Roni a SF treat. I remember seeing this as a kid. I grew up the the Bay Area and loved watching the trains. When we had to come up with headlines or tags, my mind went to this song over and over again. It’s great

  13. Katie Doyle says:

    Going back to the mentos ad, I always think of the movie Clueless. THere is a scene where one of the girls is watching tv and the commercial comes on and she sings along with it. I remember this vividly because I personally do not remember the mentos ads, whether they did not play when i was old enough of i just never saw them. but i know the jingle because of watching it in a movie. I feel like that is a big thing for companies to do. Similar to product placement. Or it is?

  14. allyson flournoy says:

    i love all the frontline ads. I actually use to know all the worlds to every commmerical they had, so they defientnly use to always be stuck in my head.

  15. Evon Sahaleh says:

    I now remember the doublemint jingle after watching these videos. It was just a jingle that you would have stuck in your head all day no matter how hard you tried to get it out. A jingle that sticks out to me also is in relation to Klondike bars.

  16. nedmills says:

    I have probably seen this commercial and heard this jingle a million times. Although I have never been in a store or heard of anyone buying anything from Sleep Train, everyone I know can sing the jingle word for word. Its effective because its catchy and it is short. As simple as jingles seem, I find myself thinking that its a lot harder then people think it is.

  17. I actually really vividly remember that Doublemint commercial, and that it was my favorite thing ever. Also, the little girl with Aretha Franklin’s voice is another that I remember having seen a lot of times too. It’s weird that I have significant childhood memories that are really just advertisements.

    This is the commercial song that I hate the most and it drives me crazy, and would make me angry whenever it was on TV. I know some people love it though, so its funny how strongly people can feel about some weird thing a company decides to put on tv.

  18. heres a classic car dealer based in Long Beach,CA. the animals he would have in his ads over the years were outrageous, he even had a “dog” named spot (that was actually a tiger). anyone from southern cali knows this song.

  19. Ayumi Sakitani says:

    I have a good example of ad that jingle and repeatability are used very effectively, but it’s Japanese TV commercial. I will post the URL of it, so if you are interested, just check it out. Even you don’t understand Japanese, the concept of this commercial is very easy and simple, so I explain with words here. The product is an isotonic drink called “Amino-shiki.” The concept is that if people drink this “Amino-shiki,” they don’t have to do such exercises as what we see in the commercial. Fortunately, someone translated one of this ads into English and it is between 2:08-2:23. And just ignore after that, please. I think this series of TV commercial is very catchy and funny.


  20. Kyle Ruble says:

    My favorite jingle. that I cannot find at this time. Is for Killingsworth pest control

    Get your Killingsworth with Killingsworth pest control!

    probably the best jingle ever created in my opinion, it really is an effective way to spread a message and get to a consumer with something that is memorable.

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