Pom Wonderful Presents The Greatest Movie Ever Sold

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  1. This movie looks interesting from the trailer. Despite the fact that paying admission to watch it is almost the equivalent of paying to be advertised to, the film’s massive loop of transparency sounds pretty interesting. Also interesting how a lot of the companies that turned him down didn’t want to end up as the butt of a joke, yet through the interview, the Merrell shoe brand almost ended up in that position since Morgan was so obviously obligated to say they are the best. That kind of takes the wind out of their product placement since viewers will see it’s so forced. Curious how the other brands in the movie will stack up in terms of transparency. In all, I’m sold. I want to see this movie mainly just because the premiss will put the audience in a new uncomfortable position they haven’t been in before when it comes to movie going. It’s a place that no other movie will likely ever go and even if I leave the theater feeling robbed, I certainly will have learned a lot.

  2. David Lee says:

    Sort of ironic that the film is making fun of advertising yet the film is presented by Pom.

  3. allyson flournoy says:

    I really want to see this documentary. Product placement is all over the place. Everywhere you look there are ads and its becomes quite annoying. Im seeing it in my favorite shows and realizing that the reason the start is drinking pepsi is because pepsi paid them too. I also find it really ironic that he used product placement and went to ad agencies to sponsor his film, about product placement.

  4. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    I have never heard of this move and I am really not sure about how it would present itself, but after watching the traitor left me question its motives behind it. I think its a very original idea, but like it said in the interview he stated that someone tweeted that they bought one of the products in the store after seeing the movie-was it really what it was all about or a spoof of a spoof?

  5. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I think it is interesting that after reading about product placement you start to notice it more in shows and movies that you watch. There are so many ads that we see each day that they start to become annoying and people to tend to avoid like flipping the channel on tv or even turning off the sound.

  6. Katie Doyle says:

    I want to watch this really bad. I always think about the advertising around us and the logos and what they end up getting put on. The one that bothers me the most is bowl games. Tostito’s Fiesta bowl, FedEx Orange Bowl, Nokia Sugar Bowl. REALLY? That is sooo incredibly lame to me. Sure, sponsor the game and have a bunch of ads and your logo on a ton of shit, but to name the bowl game? I dont like that. … I guess this was just a rant rather than a comment.

  7. I like this idea way more than Supersize Me, and much healthier. He’s just highlighting that advertisements pay for everything from films to newspapers to events. He is a lighthearted, nice guy that can turn attention to issues at hand like obesity or morality behind advertising quite easily.

  8. blueeyedleah says:

    It’s funny that his first film was all about one company and brand, and even though it wasn’t highlighting the benefits of McDonald’s, it was like one huge product placement for them. Their sales actually increased after the movie was released. I like the irony in the title, starting the film off on a satirical note. I think this will be an important film for anyone who wants to be media literate to see.

  9. Layc Looney says:

    I really want to watch this movie as well after reading about it and watching the trailer. I think it was a clever idea, and not sure why it hasn’t already happened yet. It is crazy to me how so much product placement already exists in shows I watch on a regular basis, and I am not going to lie…I have definitely gone out and purchased something because it was in a movie or show that I saw. However, I can’t remember anything that I have seen in a show, gone and bought, and continued to purchase the product. I wonder if anyone else has ever realized they have done that as well?

  10. Scott Wooley says:

    This is a great podcast. I thoroughly enjoy that this film was paid for by advertisements while it mocks product placement. Does anyone else think some businesses signed onto this because they figured if they didn’t, their competitors might?

  11. Trevor Fox says:

    Ah, I love Morgan Spurlock, his film on Mcdonalds was really entertaining and informative. I feel like this one would be also good because of the expectations we all have now. He kind of reminds me of a less fat and cooler Michael Moore type character by exposing large corporations. Product placement needed to be made fun of a little bit and this was the man to do it.

  12. Kristen Andersen says:

    The fact that this documentary was paid for by advertisers is hilarious. Product placement is all around us and now that we talked about it in class I notice it in the recent movies I watch as well as music videos. As far as businesses are concerned I think it was a smart idea for them to advertise in media to sell more products but now every company wants to have their product out there and can become a little repetitive and overwhelming.

  13. alexandra reyes says:

    This movie is wrong. As said before it was paid for by advertisers. The new movies and television today are great place were advertisers it changes the show or film. For example, How I Met Your Mother reruns changed televisions in the background to advertise new movies.Then there are movies, like transformers, that have close up of cars and their logos. I have less respect for these movies and for this guy. I remember him from 30 days the movie and his tv show on fx. Guys who make these movies should stay away from major advertisers.

  14. nedmills says:

    I don’t mind Morgan Spurlock. I find that he is good at what he does, talking about the elephant in the room. Much like Mcdonalds being unhealthy, product placement is out there in the open. Movies have been using advertising funds for the longest time and yet this is the first film that calls this issue into question. I think there is a time and place for product placement. It is tasteful in 2 ways in my mind. One, a small movie or independent film could acquire much needed funding from advertisers. Two, product placement at times can create a more realistic setting. As long as a Butterfinger isn’t being shoved into your face it should be allowed. There is a tasteful way of going about it. Not having to place fake cereals or have other fake products makes the scenes a little closer to life.

  15. at first I was kinda confused watching the trailer, but going further into it I started to like it. I really want to watch this movie

  16. Kyle Ruble says:

    I am glad that Morgan Spurlock is working on a new project. After Supersize Me and the short lived TV series I thought he had fizzled off the map completely. This is great that he is presenting this loophole and the poster is an awesome idea. To tattoo yourself with ads. brilliant!

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