With Xbox’s New In-Game Advertising, Engagement Is the Goal

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20 Responses to With Xbox’s New In-Game Advertising, Engagement Is the Goal

  1. Brin McAtee says:

    Ads are already invasive day to day and this seems to be a step further. Though it’s also true that everyone wants to make money. Facebook already has the “like” feature for various ads, so I guess this is the next step for XBox. Honestly, I never thought that I would be ‘interacting’ with advertisements unless it was free sample day at the grocery store.

  2. blueeyedleah says:

    With society’s current perceptions about advertising, I question how effective this will be for Xbox. People already express their frustration with the amount of ads that they see. I doubt they are going to be thrilled about having them enter another platform with a raised level of usage. I think the concept the company is using is interesting and I can see why advertisers and advertising agencies would be excited for this. I just think their excitement might be clouding their judgement of how popular this will be with the game users.

  3. Scott Wooley says:

    I’ve had an Xbox live account in the past, and advertisements are the last thing I want to see when I have already paid for a service. If you are paying $60/year, should you be subjected to advertisements while you use the service? I don’t think you should. If Xbox wants to integrate the interactive ads and place advertisements on content, they should become a free service for Xbox users.

  4. Heidi Payghambari says:

    The idea of the “interactive” ad definitely not a new one to me. I’ve been on downloading sites for example before where they have asked me to “vote for my favorite item” or play a game to get through, and I always get discouraged and leave the website. I understand the interactive ads will be taking on a more visual and technologically advanced appeal, but advertisements are still advertisements, and I don’t think they will win grand approval from the target audience.

  5. Trevor Fox says:

    I totally agree with you Scott! Xbox live is already expensive and if Xbox wants to cash out on throwing ads at us, there should definitely be more in it for us rather then being able to interact with the advertisement.

  6. I agree with the previous comments. INtroducing ads to a gaming interface seems like a bad step for Microsoft to take – there will undoubtably be outcry among the gaming community, especially when they are already paying for an online subscription service. I’m curious as to where the ads will be inserted into the gaming environment too. If an interactive pop-up interrupted a game, people wouldn’t play it. I’m unfamiliar with the Kinect’s interface, but I’m surprised by he fact that Microsoft even sees opportunity for ad placement in it’s design. I used to play games, but reading about this just makes me glad I’m done and avoiding the next level of invasive ad space. Kind of curious if TVs will ever get to the point of having this motion and voice command built into them for a more advanced / easier command interface. Seems plausible we will be immersed by interactive ads even without a gaming console later in our lives.

  7. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    While reading this article I find it very hard to even image how the companies are going to go about this. I feel as though they are going to have to go about this in a way that will not effect that gamers interest, because unless PlayStation is going to do the same Ad campaigns then consumers have the ability to change their gaming source. I feel as if they are cramming to much in something that is already pretty complicated. I am intrigued to see how this whole digital advertisement companies goes for both Xbox and facebook.

  8. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I feel that if people are paying for it they will not want to be bothered with ads. Most people do not want to interact with ads, though at first it can seem fun but after awhile it can get annoying. Xbox is integrating a lot of social networks into one that could switch peoples attention to one place that has it all.

  9. Maybe I should be scared about this but I don’t really care and think its impressive. Power to the creators behind this invention and the companies that recognize the power behind advertising on it. I’m all about good advertising, make it engaging and the least ad like as possible.

  10. Michelle Litchman says:

    I have never been a video game player but it seems a bit invasive to include advertisements in this medium. I think out generation is a generation of add, we watch our shows on HULU and DVR because we can avoid most commercials and we text because it is quicker than other communication. Without personally knowing, I imagine my guy friends being very frustrated if advertisements ran during their video games. have you ever seen guys play video games? it’s life or death with them, life or death that I am pretty sure they would hate to have intterupted with advertisements, even if they are allowed to interact with them.

  11. Layc Looney says:

    I was already annoyed before I read the whole story on XBOX, because I already am not a fan of video games. I think they make people lazy & unproductive in real life situations. My brother, boyfriend, and even my roommate can sit there and play the game hours on end without saying a word to anyone else in the room. It is crazy to me. So now with In-Game advertising engagement I think it will be even more invasive to personal lives, connecting with the gamer to find their likes and dislikes on products through pop ups during games. I wonder if gamers will respond well to this, or if they will think it interferes with their games, or if they will even notice it is happening?

  12. Yeah advertisements can be obnoxious and annoying but I think this is actually a step up. There is nothing we can do about getting rid of ads so at least this is interactive and perhaps mildly entertaining. I am not sure if all companies will be able to create interactive ads though or even be able to tap into the “video gamer” market.

  13. Kristen Andersen says:

    Advertisements are constantly being put in new media like Youtube for example you can’t watch a clip without a commercial first. I have an Iphone and some of the free games will always show advertisements, but I prefer advertisements rather than paying for the actual app. I feel like Xbox live if you pay a subscription you should not have to be subjected to ads to enjoy your game.

  14. alexandra reyes says:

    I hate watching ads on youtube, hulu, and tv. However, sometimes I feel bad because it’s like they’re paying for the show I’m watching so i put up with it and watch them sometimes. I not a gamer so I don’t know how everything works, but I would be annoyed with all the ads with xbox and facebook. Only if I used both. Hopefully the ad companies only pick one new social online media to put on ads. However, games spend days on those machines, which is not healthy, and it is sport to try and put ads there because these people may not see them otherwise. If people rather walk the street in a video game rather than in reality then let them deal with them. The ad people are just trying to do their job.

  15. Evon Sahaleh says:

    X-box live is already charging it’s users a monthly fee for their services and now they want to have more engaging ads for their customers which I don’t agree on. If your paying for a service you should not have to be harrassed by the ads XBOX wants to put up. They already have ads displayed through Xbox live, so I can only imagine how much worse it could get.

  16. Max Williams says:

    It seems to me that ads like these may be going a bit far. I already notice them when I go to play NCAA 11 on the 360, and the freaking coin toss is sponsored by Resee’s peanut butter cups. It gets kind of annoying that you can pay so much for these video games and consoles and extra’s, and then they still advertise to you. I guess I would have less of a problem with this if the games were $20 instead of $60, but it gets a little annoying to pay so much and then be advertised to.
    Although, I do see the thought process behind this, as the Kinect should give an unprecedented level of engagement to advertising though.

  17. I agree with a lot of the comments saying that ads shouldn’t be put into a service that you’re already paying for. We are willing to accept ads during the “commercial break” time on Hulu or online TV channels, but we also don’t have to pay for those. And on iphone apps, the free ones have ads but they always offer that you can purchase the app and not get the ads. It’s annoying that Microsoft is going to put them in.

    The voice-command thing I guess is a cool technology, but I don’t think it’s going to be as effective as they want it to be. It just seems kind of lazy to say “tweet” rather than pick up your cell phone sitting next to you to tweet what you just saw..And if the ads prompt the users, are they audio? If I was prompted by an ad to do something, my answer would probably be something like “shut up and stop bugging me.” I wonder if the ads will recognize that command.

  18. nedmills says:

    I hate this idea. I understand it is innovative and I commend them for trying something new but I have a hard time believing that anyone will take this seriously. As stated before by other people, Xbox Live is expensive. I do not believe that anyone in their right mind would post advertisements to their twitter or facebook. Unless the ad was somehow used for a reference by an ad major, I have a hard time believing that using Kinect is a good way to go.

  19. I hardly play games just because i have priorities. not quite sure if i would like to see ads while playing Michael Jackson the Experience.

  20. Kyle Ruble says:

    I think that perhaps it should be in the direction of product placement. on the xbox “dashboard” I am exposed to ads on a regular basis. I think its a good method as I can choose what ads I am interested in, or none at all. I can stay with it but In game advertisements are a no go. I doubt this would even happen with some core titles, although with how much of a market share call of duty games have this is a great way to spread advertising.

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