Idea Book #10 – Chocolate Coke

Your team is on the Coca-Cola account at Leo Burnett.  You are all gathered in the conference room for a major announcement.  The client is ready to introduce a new product and wants to hear some campaign ideas to consider.  Typically, this client will consider five ideas before deciding on one to move forward with.  Every team is given the task to come up with five ideas each.  As always, it’s a very big deal to be the team that comes up with the chosen idea.

  • The announcement: Coca-Cola has decided to add chocolate to its line of flavored Cokes.  However, the client (and the creative team) chokes on the name Chocolate Coke.  It’s your job to dream up a better name.
  • Brainstorm a list of 10 possible names.
  • Create a tagline for each name.  Knowing what you do about the Coke brand and imagining the possibilities for Chocolate Coke, find the SMIT.
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