Target Women: Hair

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  1. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    I really enjoy all of “Target Women” videos. I found this one especially interesting as hair products and shampoo commercials have never poped out at me as being that strange. I always just thought that is how they are all portrayed. Although after watching this, it seems just so ridiculous. The story lines that they present about hair is just comical. I don’t think I am going to be able to watch a hair commercial in the same light ever again!

  2. Katie M. says:

    I enjoy the “Target Women” videos as well, and I think it is interesting how effective her montages are; however, I find these videos somewhat hypocritical because they are also using persuasive devices to communicate their point. Although I think they are valid and funny points, they are using similar tactics, such as using pieces of things and ordering to evoke emotion.

  3. Ellie Boggs says:

    This is yet another example of how studying advertising has made me more aware of the ads I see everyday. Prior to taking this class, I never watched a shampoo commercial and thought it was ridiculous. That’s how all hair commercials are, no big deal. Now when watching t.v. or flipping through a magazine, I take more notice of how much advertising out there isn’t any good. I believe it was said in last term in a J100 guest lecture by Deb Morrison and then repeated by Bill Ryan this term, that only 10% of advertising is worth anything. I’m seeing that more and more.

  4. Brin McAtee says:

    I’ve stopped caring what brand I buy a long time ago. Whatever is on sale works. 🙂
    These commercials remind me a lot of the chocolate commercials. As if shampoo and chocolate can make your life more sensual. The words she pointed out were also interesting!
    I also wanted to say that I am so glad that Herbal Essences has updated their commercials a few years ago. All hair commercials are still weird, but HE’s in particular were borderline inappropriate and full of flaws.

    • Katie Doyle says:

      I totally agree here! Why make your hair something that is sensual. Technically, its just dead protein that is exiting your body. Kinda gross when you think of it that way huh? The hair commercials also always look fake to me. Im sorry, but hair does not SHINE like that.

    • It definitely reminded me of the chocolate commercials too. I thought it was really strange that in one of the ads, it even called the hair colors “caramels, chocolates, and mochas.” So it sort of goes along with all the problems of the chocolate commercials that this woman had presented in the other video, but just applied to hair. Apparently, women don’t care about anything but chocolate?

  5. allyson flournoy says:

    Hair commercials are RIDICULOUS. I find that watching hair commercials very annoying for the simple fact that your hair will never look like that unless you go in and get it professionally styled. That shampoo did not make that hair look like that, it was the hour and a half hair and makeup before the commercial, where they probably used salon products.

  6. haha, “what if you could re-write the history of your hair?” I don’t think hair commercials are annoying, they’ve got the slo-mo, some rocker music (in the case of Garnier Fructis) and classy dinner parties. Of course they’re unrealistic but I think they’re entertaining and tame compared to other products. Besides, most people are brand loyal to hair products anyways so the commercial better really step it up for people to hop ship.

  7. Michelle Litchman says:

    what is it about women and wind blowing in their hair? it is over the top and cheesy, i know. but women love this stuff, even if we hate it when we have to analyze it like right now. women love the idea of glamourous things like this, and whether or not we realize it, the more glamorous the more we want to buy the product, even if it just ridiculous.

  8. Heidi Payghambari says:

    My favorite part about this video was how it mocked hair commercials. Never before had I paid attention to the “women shaking her hair as the narrator talks” theme before. Also, the opening video about how good hair is a sign of being respected was such a stretch. They were completely playing off of the “self esteem” level of the hierarchy.

  9. Scott Wooley says:

    This is pretty funny, but what does “Target Women” think hair commercials should be? People don’t want facts about the benefits of using x shampoo. We want to look and feel good, so we buy products that are portrayed as having the ability to make us look good or feel good.

    • Agreed, not every product out there can have a worthy, meaningful, or clever advertising campaign. Women walking in slow motion, flipping their shimmering hair is probably the best, most effective way to go for this particular product. It’s better than the commercials that show a “real” salon using a “mystery” product then being “shocked” when they find out it’s actually a cheap, store-brand hair product line. Those are so much worse.

  10. Amber Heitkemper says:

    After watching this I have never had shampoo commercials poped out at me as being that strange but after watching this, it seems just so ridiculous.I agree with shelby about the mystery products because what does it really do for because people know when they go to hair salons they do not use the cheap products that are sold in stores. Because most of those products do not make your hair soft right away.

  11. Layc Looney says:

    Usually I think these Target Women clips are pretty funny, but I didn’t really enjoy this one. How else are shampoo and color treatment companies supposed to sell their product. They aren’t going to show women with their hair pulled back, dull, and boring. They need to put some type of movement into the commercial/advertisement to grab attention. I don’t think they do anything wrong or destructive to a girl’s image. I think the Target Women clip did more destruction to a woman’s image than the commercials.

  12. Max Williams says:

    I thought this was a pretty funny one in the series. It seems interesting that just about every single shampoo ad is the same ad with a slightly altered script. I would think that someone sometime soon would want to run some sort of anti-ad advertisement in this category, as they would be the first that I could think of to do so.

  13. Alexandra Reyes says:

    Shampoo is an odd thing to advertise for because not much changes about it. There are different kinds for different hair types, but basically the same. I love the Target lady, but after watching her in couple of different videos, I am getting tried of her. I wish companies can make a fun ad. Like someone knocking someone over because their hair is to stiff or greasy. I said this in another post, would not change the shampoo or remember the brand name because of these ads.

  14. didn’t really enjoy this. i was shaking my head the whole time at the lady talking about the ads. the ads need to do what they need to do to get the point across about the product, no matter how corny it could be.

  15. Kristen Andersen says:

    while i do agree that hair commercial are somewhat over the top, it is trying to sell their product. I dont really think the lady on the commercial is that effective on spoofing hair commercials either- although all shampoo commercials are similar, how many different ways can a company advertise shampoo?

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