Herbal Essences

Brin passed along this old shampoo commercial with the question, how far is too far?  What do you think of this one?

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23 Responses to Herbal Essences

  1. Ellie Boggs says:

    Well, this video makes me uncomfortable but it also makes me laugh. I mean, it’s so ridiculous that it makes me talk to people about it, which ultimately gives the ad and the brand attention. You can see the attention it received in action by clicking on the videos that are related to it on Youtube. People made funny videos that are similar to the idea of the ad and they hold up the bottle of Herbal Essences at the end. Though this isn’t the image all brands would want, you have to admit it’s comical and attention grabbing at the very least.

  2. Chie Oda says:

    This shampoo commercial is very memorable for me. I clearly remember that I saw similar commercial when I was a child. Although I forget other shampoo commercials, this commercial is in my mind. I don’t know why I remember it. Maybe that is because this commercial uses idea which is unrelated to shampoo. While the woman goes up to take shower using this shampoo, the man is expecting another thing. This commercial is very interesting. I think. Also, this commercial is catching people’s attentions and interests.

  3. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    I think this commercial is ridiculous, as Ellie said before for the viewing on YouTube you can tell that whatever they did it worked because a lot of people are watching it. There were some part of the commercial that gave the feel that it was joke or a spoof on sexual commercials, but then I realized it really was one. Another thing that I found interesting was how it played the typical general roles. The man wanting sex and the women so unaware of sex because she was so immersed in herself and her products.

  4. blueeyedleah says:

    This is obviously one of those commercials that another country was more comfortable creating, filming, and putting out there. I kind of like it because it uses a lot of the stupid bits we see in most shampoo commercials, like a girl smiling as she washes her hair, flipping her hair around, etc., but they also make it funny and quirky. I can see why it would become so popular, and like Ellie said, not every brand would want this as part of their image, but obviously for them it works, and because they were daring enough to go with it, they left an impression.

  5. Molly Johnson says:

    Shampoo is the farthest thing from orgasmic, but it kinda works because it’s silly and stupid. I think they even used to have a magazine insert that was similar…kind of worked like a singing card and would sing/orgasm (?) every time it opened. I think it’s a stupid idea but it’s sadly effective if we all remember so well…

    • I agree with Molly. It’s almost so stupid and silly that people will definitely remember it and even probably talk about it with other people, bringing in word-of-mouth advertising. I know that when I sometimes see a ridiculous or hilarious ad, I might YouTube it and post it to a friend’s wall on Facebook or tweet it. I don’t know if that was the angle they were going for but I think it’s actually kind of effective.

  6. Trevor Fox says:

    These ads definitely get a male’s attention and create a bond between sex and this shampoo. It’s a pretty smart strategy by the company and agency, like what Ellie said, there are a lot of youtube videos that play around with this ad and that give them free advertising. All I know is that i’ve always thought of these ads when in the store and looking through the shampoos.

  7. Alexandra Reyes says:

    This ad is really stupid and in some ways wrong. It for what ever reason made me think of the ad for one of those devices that people say “I have fallen and i can’t get up”. It’s like the complete opposite of this ad. It is not “sexy” at all and it was not made to be funny. At least for older people. Both have one very memorable part about them and its something that everyone can repeat or joke about. I won’t remember the brand name through and I won’t buy it because of this ad. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have bought and used the same shampoo since high school. So has the rest of my family and some of my friends and we are not brand loyal, it’s more the smell doesn’t kill us and it’s not extremely expensive or if it is we will switch. Does this ad make people want to continue to buy it or do they try it once?

  8. Heidi Payghambari says:

    The eight people above me touched on great points such as Herbal Essences took this risk to associate this image with their brand, and it worked. I had completely forgotten about these advertisements, but then a light went on and a series of Herbal Essences ads I had watched when I was younger when the girl’s scream would indicate sexual themes streamed in my mind. I’m not a fan of this ad, but it is memorable, got to give them that. And at the end saying, “a totally organic experience, ” a play on words to indicate orgasmic? Silly Herbal Essences.

    • Jayson Hobby says:

      I completely agree with the play on words in the end about a, “totally organic experience.” Definitely hinting at something. The moaning and screaming “yes” constantly was way too much for a shampoo ad. Also, the fact that there were only generation X and older people in the ad made it a much more grown up targeted audience which solidifies the idea of using sex to sell without “saying it.”

  9. I think this ad is provocative, playful and memorable. Kudos to Herbal Essences for risking it all and pairing shampoo and conditioner with sex. It’s still talked about today for positive and negative reasons but you know what they say about press….

  10. Michelle Litchman says:

    it’s definitely over the top, but when you are selling a product that has so many competitors maybe that is what you need? i find it funny that cosmetic products use such overtly sexual messages to sell their prodcuts, when their main goal is to clean grease off hair and to cake oil onto faces, such unsexy things.

  11. Scott Wooley says:

    If Herbal Essences targets their audience correctly and places this ad on appropriate channels/time slots, then it will reach the people who are not offended by it. Personally, I think they are just doing what they believe will help their brand image so I have no problem with it.

  12. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I just think this commercial is weird but the one thing about is people will watch it and are curious to know what it is about. This ad is good because people will remember the strange commercial from herbal essences and maybe buy their shampoo the next time they are shopping. Or they could even tell their friends about what they saw and share it with them.

  13. Layc Looney says:

    I remember these commercials from when I was younger. I felt a little odd watching them sitting next to my parents, but kind of tried to ignore it. I guess this is going a bit to far thinking back to then and feeling the slight discomfort. When I first watched the advertisement I didn’t really think it was all that bad…then I thought back to when these commercials first came out. I guess it is attention grabbing and makes you pay attention to what is going on, but it might be able to be done a little more tastefully.

  14. Katie Doyle says:

    SO a little personal story about this one. When i was younger, probably first grade or so, i was at daycay with on of my girl friends and we were mimicing the herbal essences commercials because we saw them all the time. We did not understand them and our babysitter heard us and we got in trouble and were told not to do it anymore. To us, we were very confused. Why could they do it on tv if we couldnt do it for pretend? That is something that makes me wonder when companies are putting out ads and commercials similar to this, do they have to get approval as to what type of channels they can be on?

  15. allyson flournoy says:

    I use to think that these ads were so funny. But i never found myself doing that washing my hair, and now look back and think it is rather creepy. I think they do a good job selling their shampoo because during the 90’s i remember that getting herbel essensece was a fad, and was a really popular shampoo to get as a girl.

  16. Evon Sahaleh says:

    I thought this commercial was pretty funny and entertaining. With that being said obviously their target audience is not younger children and it was directed to younger adults and older, but with that being said I would not want my child watching this and asking me why they are making the sounds they are making.

  17. Max Williams says:

    I was confused as to why the ad made her want to wash her hair if she already had the product. But, yeah, this ad was a little odd to me. I don’t know if it necessarily went “too far”, but it was kind of close. Does anybody know what the last thing she said was, I couldn’t make it out?

  18. I also remember these ads from being younger and I didn’t get it and totally did something similar! Girls at my elementary school thought it was so funny to play with their hair and say “Yes! Yes!” Which now I realize is really really weird. Yeah, Herbal Essences made an impression, they were clever, and they did something different. But they also 100% sold this with sex. It’s definitely borrowed interest because what does sex have to do with washing your hair?
    Herbal Essences does smell good, but my mind goes to flowers and fields as an association, rather than some strange sexual experience. I think these ads are kind of irresponsible, just because kids really don’t get it and can do really sexualized things without even knowing what they’re doing or saying.

  19. I also remember watching these as well. i feel these went beyond over the top. these people need to realize that there are kids watching these ads and they might start asking questions about whats going on.

  20. Kyle Ruble says:

    This one is a classic example of the Herbal Essences controversy in the early 2000s. This ad campaign was a very attention grabbing one and demonstrated an method that is rarely used. I think that this drew some interesting lines about how sex sells and also how it can be comical.

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