Digital Signage: It’s all around us

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  1. sean kim says:

    This really proves that advertising is all around us, everywhere we go. going to and from work to even going to the doctors and its never going to stop. Seeing so many ads you dont even recognize is unbelievable, I didnt realize that it was everywhere until this just proves it is.

  2. blueeyedleah says:

    When I focus and think about it I notice how many ads I see around me all the time, but most of the time, even though they are as prevalent as this infographic shows, they don’t bother me. If they are interesting or funny or eye-catching in someway that I will glance their way, maybe they will leave a lasting impression on me, and then I will go on my way. So even though they are definitely as prevalent as this shows, it only phases me on occasion.

  3. Katie M. says:

    I do agree that advertising is everywhere, but I don’t know how effective it is. Mostly when I see advertisements that I like/think are clever, it just makes me like the brand, but I cannot remember specifically being motivated to go buy a certain product. Even when you are watching T.V. at home there are still lots of distractions that advertisers are competing against when they have your intended attention. What is going to happen to advertisements when they have even more “noise” to compete with out in the world?

  4. Chie Oda says:

    I agree with Katie. Although advertising is all around us, is it effective? Sometimes I don’t think so. There are not so much ads in Eugen, so they can be effective. However, there are lots of lot of ads in NYC, then lots of ads are competing each other, and I think they are not effective. When I went to Times Square in NYC, I saw countless ads there. They were too noisy and not effective because every ad was big and colorful, and I could not recognize each ads. That’s why I think advertising cannot be always effective even if advertising is everywhere.

  5. I agree with Chie. The more ads we’re exposed to, the less affective any of them become. I also agree that ads are continuously washing over my life, but I hardly ever seem to get caught in the stream with something that really grabs me. I feel that this info-graphic is a bit ahead of its time still, at least in comparison to my daily life. The ads are everywhere, just not on digital screens yet. That will surely be the trend into the future, however.

  6. I feel like this is the 43rd inforgraphic i’ve seen about the excessiveness of ads seen daily. Day in and day out everyone is fine, no one is being injured, no one is going on a shopping frenzy because of a fantastic ad about a new lawn mower that is hurting the family funds…Yes they’re everywhere and always will be, I’ve come to terms with it and maybe inforgraphic creators will soon. Advertising isn’t going away and us ad majors are just trying to improve them.

  7. Michelle Litchman says:

    Advertising is everywhere, it kind of freaks me out just because I don’t know how much I am really being affected. but then i think about my life, i don’t spend more money than i have and i am decent at managing my finances. I agree with lauren, it seems as though while advertisements are everywhere, there is no real negative to them. however, maybe that attitude will only lead to negative effects from too much advertising presence. who knows, i love advertising but its true affect confuses me.

  8. Jayson Hobby says:

    The fact that the US has close to a 1/3 of all digital media revenue is crazy to me. No matter how many people may say that advertising does not affect them, I really don’t believe that is possible. Whether you like it or not, or even know it or not, with the amount of advertising around us at any point in the day, it is very hard to so consciously or subconsciously be affected by their messages.

  9. Amber Heitkemper says:

    Ads are everywhere whether we actually pay attention to them or not we still interact with them everyday. I don’t think advertising is really harming anyone or causing major damage to their lives but by reading or seeing an ad it can change your choice on whether to buy certain products.

  10. Scott Wooley says:

    Signage is everywhere, but we wouldn’t find our way anywhere without it. When we are hungry, we rely on these signs to draw us to a restaurant. We rely on signs for everything. We cannot get all of our information from word of mouth and recommendations. The good thing is that we are trained to not be too affected by signs unless we are looking for them.

  11. Heidi Payghambari says:

    Chie and Bryce’s comments touch on what I was thinking about how effective ads really are if there is an overflow of them. My generation has outgrown the newspaper, tv (due to tivo etc), and many online ads because we know how to avoid them. I wonder if it is only a matter of time that digital signage looses its strong hold as well. As for now, it’s no joke that 4/5 businesses experienced a 33% growth from using digital signage; it is evidence that it is working for some companies.

  12. Layc Looney says:

    We definitely encounter DOOH signage on a daily basis, but what amount truly affects us? When we had to go out and take pictures of out of home ads it was hard to find mind blowing works of art. I almost felt like there was none around me because I was so used to seeing everything on a regular basis. It is hard to tell what really speaks to us and shapes our views on certain products and offers from companies. However, I agree with Scott, we have been trained to not be overly affected by signs unless we are looking for something specific and they speak to our needs at that time.

  13. Evon Sahaleh says:

    This image just once again shows us that advertising is literally everywhere. No matter where you go or what you do your being exposed. Ad agencies do a good job of placing ads in certain areas to be more effective towards certain audiences.

  14. allyson flournoy says:

    It is so true that these electronic/ digital advertisements are everywhere. They are very distracting and I find them sometiems annoying or dangerous. Especially the billbaords over the freeway that are interactive that make you look at them, read them, but oh wait…your driving. not safe. I heard that california was trying to pass something to make license plates electronic and advertisements would be on them. What is more distracting while driving than looking at an ad on a fellow license plate?

  15. alexandra reyes says:

    Okay this was interesting, but I have to say what the heck are digital menu boards doing a feed store. I have gone to pet stores and they never had digital ads or menus. Maybe this is done in the south were more people go to feed stores, its just odd. Looking at the other ones, i think they went over board with what kind of digital ads or other digital products go.They should say ads were made with the help computers, but digital ads just didn’t seem like the right thing to call it.

  16. nedmills says:

    I think in time, most advertisement is simply going to be digital. At this point I think the lack of technology keeps us from being advertised to in a lot of places but I think that with time it will be a bit overwhelming. I think advertisements that are more digital should be more interactive. Whether this is simply something that’s touch screen or using a game as maybe borrowed interest, I believe that digital ads are the future. I’m not freaked out by the amount of advertisements. I actually tend to enjoy it. The only time it crosses the line is when something is advertised in a uncreative way and is constantly spamed everywhere.

  17. Max Williams says:

    This is a really good advertisements for digital advertisements (kind of funny I thought). I think it may be kind of odd at first for people to see more and more digital advertising, but it should become a regular part of our society fairly quickly.

  18. Kristen Andersen says:

    This reminds me of the project where we went around eugene taking pictures of advertisements of things we usually take for granted. It would be cool to see how many more advertisements we see are digital and dont even think about it

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