Andy Hobsbawm @ TED: Do the green thing

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11 Responses to Andy Hobsbawm @ TED: Do the green thing

  1. allyson flournoy says:

    I completely agree with what he has to say, because creative advertising can do incredible things. I liked how in the beginning it said creativity is needed to spread knowledge and has the power to change votes in an election. We need to harness that power into making the world more knowledgeable and aware of what the earth needs.

  2. Having my project for the class based on a green non-profit group, I agree as well. The situation is rapidly becoming urgent and in need of creative solutions. This is a good message, although I felt the walking video didn’t exactly demonstrate the point he started to make and ended on. Sure it was creative, but it wasn’t interesting or gripping enough to be considered an example of a creative solution. In fact it did a better job in illustrating the need for TED talkers and creatives to engage in this dilemma even more.

  3. This is a nice video, but he’s focusing on the creative aspects. I want to go into the creative end of this field but I don’t like when people make general statements about being creative. I appreciate the ‘walk’ attitude and the comedy that goes along side, and maybe it will convince people to walk to the store instead today but when you’re talking about green topics, I think i’ve heard enough about nice thoughts and not enough about infrastructure.

  4. Michelle Litchman says:

    I appreciate creativity. especially because so much of advertising today seems, pardon my language, “half assed”. i think the creative use of borrowed interest, as seen in this ad for walking, really reels people in. i watched the entire thing because the funny plot line made me laugh, yet it stayed enough on topic that i knew exactly what the single most important thought was when it was over.

  5. Scott Wooley says:

    I loved that video. When I see something as creative as this, I always wish I came up with the idea. Creativity can be so simple, but so complex.

  6. I liked this video because he focused on the creativity necessary for successful and effective advertising. The best quote I thought was that creativity is “less knowable and more magical”. People think they can just jump into the advertising field and know all the strategies and facts but they will not be successful without a creative and innovative imagination. That is the coolest thing I think this particular career path emphasizes.

  7. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I really enjoyed watching this video because he talked a lot about creativity and how simple but yet complex it all can be.

  8. Layc Looney says:

    Creativity allows people to think differently than they might have, say from a scientific, mathematical, more predictive point of view. Great creativity allows people to think differently and wander into areas others have not. I agree with the part in this clip about being less knowledgeable and more magical, being able to notice what is around us and create a better understanding of how we can improve the standard conditions. Walking through these images helps us to better understand how we can make a difference and be able to share with others through our experiences to make our environment a better place.

  9. nedmills says:

    I enjoyed this presentation. Specifically I liked how he showed the importance of creativity and the influence in both the positive and the negative. I think that creativity can be define in numerous ways and I don’t think that he nor anyone I have ever met have disagreed with that notion. I think that the support in creativity is ultimately a support in the progression of advertisement. Although seemingly an obvious idea, I feel as if less people are actually being creative because they are afraid to leave the “box” simply out of fear of judgment.

  10. Max Williams says:

    That was amazing. That actually legitimately made me want to walk to school at least once next week. Great use of borrowed interest as at first I was a little confused about the story, but I definitely picked up on it quick and from then on got every sign reference and they were all pretty good.

  11. Katie M. says:

    I enjoyed this video and do agree with the points it’s making. However I disagree and that knowledge, math and science aren’t creative, I think they are very creative and require creativity from someone! I think the more you know and understand the more information you have to pull from in your creativity, I don’t think it’s the creative sterotype vs. the more ordered/math like sterotype I think well rounded ideas that connect to lots of people include both and it isn’t one versus the other, it’s everything working together.

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