Turning Down Loud Commercials

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11 Responses to Turning Down Loud Commercials

  1. Brin McAtee says:

    I’m so glad they decided to give us the option of the mute button! And even happier about this new action to bring commercial volume down! It’s annoying enough to have so many ads, but to have them blasting at you- is just abrasive. I’ll listen to your stupid jingle, but only as long as you keep the volume at a reasonable level.
    BTW, what is up with soft-spoken crime and drama shows anyway? It’s seems the comedy show or the news that precedes them has much better projection…

  2. Ellie Boggs says:

    This seems like a valid bill to try to push through. I mean, why do advertisers have to be louder than the television shows to catch attention? They should get people’s attention by creating an ad that draws people in, not one that shocks them into looking at the t.v. I don’t really see it as infringing on the advertiser’s rights either. They just get the same volume as everyone else.

  3. blueeyedleah says:

    I remember when this issue was being discussed in Congress and I feel like this issue is a bit ridiculous. I think it is ridiculous that the advertisers needed a bill from Congress to make them tune down their commercials, or as Ellie said, that they needed to turn the volume of their commercials up to catch attention instead of just creating great content. I also think that Congress has way better things to do than talk about bills concerning the volume of commercials.

  4. It’s annoying. Yes, we are all given the power to a volume button on that great invention called a clicker but why must we frantically grasp for it the second our program is off? It should not be such a mad dash, There should be some volume control for everyones’ sanity but this should be a self-governing type of thing, like Leah says, they’ve got better things to do. Personally, I think poorly of companies and products that resort to volume to get my attention.

  5. Michelle Litchman says:

    I hate when commercials get loud. I instantly hate the product. watching tv should be a lazy task, there is nothing worse than being engrossed in a television program and having the following ad blow out the speakers. i feel like the fact that we are talking about volume is a true sign of a decline in the industry. instead of using creativity advertisers are resorting to volume. in my opinion, that is really lame.

    • Scott Wooley says:

      I agree, creatives should be able to get our attention without turning up the volume. I use to fall asleep with the tv on, and I remember multiple times being woken up by commercials which were louder than the program I was watching. Very frustrating!

  6. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I know for my self that when commercials are really loud I always turn them down or sometimes I would change the channel. It is just annoying to have to turn up and down the TV every time a commercial comes on.

  7. alexandra reyes says:

    They sound keep the sound down. However, I get why they did this. Today, people are always multitasking, if they are not sitting down and watching tv then at least they could hear it. Still unless you want customers to pee in their pants or go deaf then they should keep their sound down. Maybe they want to target people who are hard of hearing. I doubt it. Maybe because people listen to music really loud they felt it was okay to turn their sound up. I don’t know up it needs to stop with music and ads. It also gets your attention even if you change the channel.

  8. allyson flournoy says:

    it is the most annoying thing when commercials turn up the volume on your television set. I can understand where they come from, they are trying to get your attention any way possible. Personally i find it so annoying that i will mute the ads, so for me making the ads louder will just turn me off completely.

  9. nedmills says:

    I think it is a good idea to put forth to people. I don’t think advertisers should allowed to be louder then the shows they are funding. I actually would enjoy less sound in ads because with restrictions I feel as if it forces more ad agencies to make ads more creative. I love innovating ideas and I think that a restriction on noise would weed out some of the uncreative advertisements.

  10. Kristen Andersen says:

    Some commercials are annoying in general and are the most ridiculous thing you can think about, and its extremely frustrating when those ads happen to be extra loud as well. I agree with previous posts that commercials that are creative should not have to be loud to get your attention. All it does is make the viewer annoyed automatically at the product

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