Is Thursday Night Still Working for the Weekend?

Ad Age Survey Predicts Sunday Still Has the Most Ad Viewership, but Wednesday May Prove the New No. 2

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  1. blueeyedleah says:

    It doesn’t surprise me that Sunday is a big day for TV and advertising alike, but I was surprised to hear that Thursday is second. Neither in high school nor college has Thursday night been a big TV night for me, unless I had time to watch a show that was on that night. What I found most interesting was the idea that TV shows that were not attracting as much viewership would be switching to Wednesday to gain more, rather than the networks doing something to bring traffic back on Thursday. I suppose it would be cheaper just to switch the night a show airs, but it did not seem from this article that the programming was considered a factor in the number switch.

  2. This was pretty interesting. I hadn’t considered the fact that stations would want to line up their most popular show with the most popular days to watch TV in order to increase the value of the ad space. I’m curious which came first: the shows determining people’s weekly TV habits or the stations saw more popular days in the week and lined up their best shows. I also wonder why Monday and Tuesday are less attractive days to watch TV…

  3. Heidi Payghambari says:

    As Bryce mentioned, I hadn’t thought about how stations would allocate certain days to be most profitable for ad space. It certainly makes sense that Sunday brings in the more cash for advertisement, and then traditionally thursday, the day thats starts off the weekend. What is intriguing to me though is that the only night I usually watch tv is wednesday nights for Modern Family. Wednesday is also the half way mark of the week which is when I like to take some time off at night with this show and sit through it and its commercials. A follow up study would be beneficial to see what it is about those Wednesday shows that make the viewers not skip through the commercials.

  4. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I feel that sunday is a day of relaxing because it is the end of the weekend and the day before work or school starts. Many people like to watch tv and just sit around and do nothing. I would agree that Sunday and Wednesday are popular days to watch Tv because on Friday and Saturday most people are out doing things and do not make the time to watch it. It is smart for the stations to pick which days they want to show their ads because then they have an easier way of reaching there target audience.

  5. Scott Wooley says:

    This makes a lot of sense as I can think of so many good shows on Thursdays. I don’t have the numbers to back it up, but I would assume Mondays are also fairly popular for ad space. I liked what the article said about forming buying habits on Thursday and the effect DVRs are having on ad space. The idea that Wednesday might become more popular because the shows will be watched on Thursday is fascinating.

  6. Layc Looney says:

    I find this piece interesting. While Sunday will continue to be the dominate factor when it comes to attracting television viewers, what weekday will rise toward that position? I agree that Wednesday is close to taking over Thursday night viewers. It is the middle of the week, people look forward to Wednesday nights because they know they are halfway done with the week and it is time for a little relaxation to help boost their momentum to finish the week out strong. Some of my favorite shows (Modern Family) come on on Wednesday nights. I find taking time out of my night to watch television on Thursdays are pointless, and I rarely do it. I think Wednesday nights will become more appealing to people who are looking for a little rest before heading into the weekend, and what better way to do that than chill on the couch for a little at night before bed.

  7. Evon Sahaleh says:

    I believe that this makes sense to me because Wednesday and Sunday nights can usually be the least busy night for individuals during the week. They usually having nothing else to do, but to stay home and watch a few TV shows before they head off to bed.

  8. alexandra reyes says:

    I remember watching tv on Friday nights, back in the day. TGIF with boy meets world and other shows like that. I wonder when that changed. Clearly people are out partying rather then relaxing at home. Wednesday or hump day should be the day when people just turn on the tube and relax. I wonder if the lack of good, must tune in tv and the more people using the internet is the reason why it changed.

  9. nedmills says:

    I feel like Wednesday is a very underrate day. The “hump” day of the week, I find Wednesdays to be the most tiring. In this sense I tend to watch a lot of television. Like people said before, a lot of great shows are starting to be on prime time during Wednesdays which I love. Wednesday feels a lot different then Thursday. Sundays obviously hold more viewers because it is the day before you go back to work or school. Thursdays however tend to be more like Fridays in the sense that you are near the end of the week and are either bogged with work or looking ahead to the weekend.

  10. Max Williams says:

    That’s kind of interesting. Wednesday seems like a really random day to be the #2 day of the week for TV advertising. I wonder if some people now kind of lump Thursday in with Friday as the beginning of the weekend, and if that could be a possible cause for the change.

  11. Katie M. says:

    I find it interesting that yes, even though there is a “digital movement” going on still, a significant amount of attention is paid to television. In other classes that I have had the emphasis is heavly based on looking towards the future, and yes it is true, but clearly, we aren’t 100% there.

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