(Not) The Land of Milk and Honey

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4 Responses to (Not) The Land of Milk and Honey

  1. blueeyedleah says:

    I like the point that Chauzy makes about these ads trying to help people from having unrealistic expectations about illegally emigrating to Switzerland because I don’t think that would have been apparent to me otherwise. As the interviewer also states, it is unique that the message of these ads is to be wary of just coming to Switzerland because most countries would not put out ads against visiting them. I can see how these ads could be seen as offensive, and I definitely do not think these ads could be run in the U.S. without a lot of backlash, but I think it is a unique way to address the issue of illegal immigration.

  2. Ellie Boggs says:

    This is an interesting interview to me because I recently had a friend of mine live with an exchange Swiss girl for three months and conversations regarding this issue came up several times. It’s clear from the way Livia (Swiss girl) talked about immigrants that the ads aren’t just concern for their safety, there is also a lot of racism toward immigrants. Swiss people don’t want immigration because they think all immigrants brings crime… Livia said that quite specifically. From that previous experience I would say the ads seem inappropriate.

  3. Amber Heitkemper says:

    It is interesting that they put ads out about visiting their country because most countries would want other people to visit. I agree that this ads could not be run in the US because it is a different perspective on immigration.

  4. nedmills says:

    Not being Swiss makes analyzing this ad that much harder. I understand why they would make this ad they seemingly are trying to come off as being considerate but its hard not to question if it is a realistic situation. I don’t necessarily think its racist, I just believe there is more to it that we Americans may not understand. Given more historical context, maybe the ad is simply trying to be helpful but in the most direct way, which it seems comes off very offensive. I don’t think there is a positive way of going about this ad but I do commend them for trying.

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