Sega Beta-7 Campaign

Another interesting use of mockumentary in a viral campaign…

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9 Responses to Sega Beta-7 Campaign

  1. Leah Kennedy says:

    I’m not sure how I feel about this as an advertising tool. It was creepy and too real and gritty. I can see how the whole thing heightened awareness about the game and made it more intriguing, but I spent too much of the video figuring out what was real and what wasn’t and nothing about it made me want to go out and buy the video game; however, I am by no means an average gamer, so maybe for people interested in those products this would have a different effect.

  2. Ellie Boggs says:

    The mockumentary style video worked for Burger King because it was funny and much more light-hearted. This video on the other hand was weird and pretty much just creepy like Leah said. I don’t understand what about this video would be considered entertaining or make anyone want to buy the game. I mean, the video says if you play the game you may black out. Overall, just a strange style. I didn’t get much out of it.

  3. I was confused the entire time. If this was to promote more sales, “If you don’t believe me then try it for yourself,” then is this mockumentary telling us that people are attracted to danger and risk. This creepy/scare tactic appears to work in stirring morbid curiosity, but I guess you have to be a real gamer fan, because I don’t see the appeal.

  4. This seemed really ineffective. Like Brin pointed out, you’d have to be a huge gamer for this to appeal and it seems likely that most people who’d be interested in this campaign would already be interested in checking the game out – just not sure who this is supposed to be expanding the game’s market to…

  5. Molly Johnson says:

    This ad…is weird. I wouldn’t have known this was fake unless Randall said it in the blog. If it were to be effective it would have to be way shorter, I was not drawn in at all and turned it off after five minutes. There would have to be some indication that they are not serious because it is shot in a serious documentary style. Like Brin and Bryce pointed out, it is impossible to understand the lingo and idea behind the ad unless you are a gamer. Overall, did not like this. But interesting to see another perspective to the mockumentary.

  6. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I thought this video was funny because as I was watching it I was trying to figure out if it was real or fake. But I thought it was entertaining to watch. I think it could have been longer because at certain parts I began to lose interest. It was confusing and ineffective.

  7. nedmills says:

    This was a very very very strange strategy. I feel as if it comes off almost to strong and in terms of audiences I think most people would be confused if they saw this. I am a avid gamer and I can say, even though its an old ad, it wasn’t very effective in targeting me. I got the jokes but I cant say I laughed. It was clever and creative but came on WAY too strong.

    I also am a little bias due in part to Sega putting out some awful games.

  8. nope nope nope nope, not a fan. Looks like the Blair Witch Project and sounds like Saw IV. It also says nothing positive about the product and parents would not be okay with buying their child this game either. I can’t say i watched this whole video so maybe it comes out okay on the other end but, doubtful. Another method would be best.

  9. Evon Sahaleh says:

    This video was really weird and makes me wonder who would come up with something like this. Why would you want to advertise to individuals that if you play this game that you will black out? How can any parent endorse their kid playing a game like this? I think there is a different approach they could have come up with.

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