Alaska Air – John Spencer

Thanks to Molly for passing this along…it has a lot of local flavor…

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  1. David Lee says:

    Great commercial! I see this being very effective in the Portland area. The fan-base for the Timbers is huge and is only growing in Portland and this advertisement will grab their attention and will really build a connection with the fans and Alaska. Even if your not a Timbers fan or not this advertisement is still hilarious and clever and will be a hit in the Portland area.

  2. Heidi Payghambari says:

    Offering priority boarding to fliers who are wearing a Timbers jersey is such an original and literally costless idea. However, I wonder how effective this will be in making people want to go spend 50 something dollars on a Timbers jersey just so they do not have to wait an extra 10-20 minutes to board a plane. Nonetheless, the concept is intriguing and being a Timbers fan myself, the notion that this company would favor me over others if I was wearing one of my favorite teams’ jersey is very welcoming.

  3. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I think this is a good commercial but when you have assigned seats is it really worth boarding the plane early when you would just have to wait on the plane and wait before it leaves. It is also a good way for the Timbers to promote their and maybe increase their fan base.

  4. Trevor Fox says:

    I think the ad was awesome, but I agree with Amber. I tend to wait till the last possible second to board planes, priority boarding isn’t very appealing to me, but if I was a Timber fan then why not wear my jersey and connect with other fans in airport. Seems like a fun idea.

  5. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    I think this is a really great ad, I love how they take such a simple idea such as “priority boarding” and make is very unique to their own. I don’t follow timber soccer I thought the guy talking was a rugby player, so I thought that the ending was very key and useful.

  6. allyson flournoy says:

    I love Alaska Airlines and have had really good experiences with them and their customer service so I always try to fly through them. I also love this commercial and think it will be very effective in the Portland area. Airline commercials is a hard thing to make funny, but they did it and I think it will benefit them a lot. They could do this with a lot of other teams and really spread their popularity if they went for it.

  7. Leah Kennedy says:

    I like this ad because it pokes fun at the repetitive safety message that you hear on every flight, while still getting its point across. Even if priority boarding is not someone’s ideal reward, this is also a great way to give the Timbers free advertising and to show their fans some appreciation. And I agree with Heidi, part of the reason it is so clever is because it is costless. What I also like about this ad is that it is a bit more clever, and I tend to think of Portland as a more educated city, showing that whoever made this ad really thought of their audience.

  8. Katie Doyle says:

    I really like this ad. I think that things like these work really well. Have you ever been going to a concert or somethign and they say if you bring canned food its free or you get some money knocked off your ticket? I feel like this is similar in the way that they are just telling you “Hey, just wear this shirt and we’ll give ya special treatment” sounds like a deal too good to pass up, and its not a hassle to anyone, so they do it. I think this is very affective and i bet a lot of people do this.

  9. Why hasn’t this commercial been run on TV?! This is funny but clever and ultimately gets your attention and offers a sweet deal. Agreeing with the people above, that little incentive definitely brings some local flavor that Portlanders would love. Did Widen + Kennedy do this ad? Props to the ad agency (assumingly Portland-based) who produced this. I also agree with the fact that the Timbers are a rapidly growing fan base throughout Portland and surrounding areas so this borrowed interest is really beneficial.

  10. Scott Wooley says:

    This is a great regional commercial. Timbers fever is alive, and Alaska Airlines has been the company at the front of their rise. I love the concept for this ad. The idea of switching places can be seen in a few places in advertising these days.

  11. Scott Wooley says:

    Kind of unrelated, but I like the idea of sports in advertisements. For anyone who followed college football closely last year, watch this Southwest commercial I put together after Boise State lost last year. This is fake, but I thought it was funny.

  12. nedmills says:

    I loved this commercial. As a avid soccer fan (Liverpool), I love the fact that both the MLS is growing larger and the United States is embracing soccer more. I love sports related ads and I believe the ESPN commercials are some of the best out there. This ad uses the love for the TImbers perfectly as it attracts all of Portland, and even Oregon.

  13. Funnnny! tiddlybit.. It’s hard to hate a guy with an accent and the concept is great. It’s a fantastic, concise way to get the message out about the campaign. I’ll always be a sucker for ‘swap’ situations and the usual male flight attendants do not usually have a Scottish accent, a nice addition.

  14. Layc Looney says:

    This was a great commercial. It was familiar and spoke to local commuters. I always like when corporate companies try to make boring and repetitious acts more fun. It reminded me of a Southwest flight I was on one time when I was flying to Las Vegas. I mean I was already excited to be on a plane flying down to Vegas, but the flight attendant was hilarious. He rapped, sang, and continuously got the passengers involved on the flight. It is always nice to know that there is some sort of personality within a larger company. Look up Rapping/Singing Southwest flight attendant on and you might be able to find the guy I am talking about.

  15. Evon Sahaleh says:

    I thought that commercial was really funny and it did a good job getting two separate brand images out in the commercial and blending them together. It does a good job coming up with a storyline that is not only entertaining and funny, but something that clearly gets the message across.

  16. alexandra reyes says:

    I love this ad. It great. I would love to see old people play soccer. That part was the high light of my day. Also whether you love crew members or not you will remember this. Those who hate them will want to kick a soccer ball at them. It seems like they are poking fun at themselves. IT was great.

  17. Hahaha! WOW, I actually really love this ad that you made! It’s definitely a little bit mean, and probably wouldn’t go over too well with anyone from Idaho, but the situation goes along perfectly with the question “want to get away?” I remember watching that game and I couldn’t even believe it the next day, it didn’t even seem real that BSU had actually finally lost (about time), and that they did because the kicker missed 2 pretty standard kicks.. I also remember thinking about that poor guy, and how that must have been the worst feeling in the world, and again, maybe the ad is a little insensitive, but it works least for those that understand the reference. It definitely resonated with me, and I think I’ll just pretend that that was a real SW Airlines ad.. Nice job!

    • Scott Wooley says:

      Thanks Ellie. It definitely was insensitive to the situation. Luckily I didn’t have to worry about being well received in Boise when I made it.

  18. Max Williams says:

    I think that this is an amazing promotion for both the Timbers and Alaska Airlines. The commercial was pretty funny firstly; not knowing any of the Timbers players I was surprised at the end to see that it was an employee swap (although it made the whole thing make much more sense). The idea of priority boarding for wearing a Timbers jersey is genius though. For some people that almost makes it worth it to buy the jersey just for a flight and return trip. Great idea on the campaign.

  19. Katie M. says:

    I really enjoyed this ad and the idea too. I thought it was really funny. But just for arguments sake, (and not that I’m ragging on Alaska Airlines!) the whole deal with the “jersey/priority seating” insentive, so that is kind of an agreement the airline has made with this ad. What if (STRICTLY hypothetical here) all of the passengers showed up in jerseys? would everyone get priority seating? Although it is just an extreme hypothetical example I feel like it is important for companies to be able to hold their word, especially in local target ads. I think it would be interesting and fun to see (if this ad/idea grew) how it would develop with that too.

  20. I was dyin when I was watching this. this is a great ad. I actually always fly Alaska, and I remember seeing a person in a timbers jersey walk on the plane first. Now i understand why that happened.

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