Ads Implant False Memories

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12 Responses to Ads Implant False Memories

  1. Julia Ortinez-Hansen says:

    Wow this article truly leaves you with an eerie feel as if all of your memories with food or something as significant as a family trip to the beach is a lie. The fact that an ad or ad campaign can create this false memory leads one to question everything. I am totally freaked out!

  2. Sui qianni says:

    I can not believe that could happened in my life! This article make me think of my life, is there any memories in my life is not true,but I still think that is true until now? I do not know. This scare me. On the other hand, I realized how powerful of Ads are.

  3. Katie Doyle says:

    I agree with both of you, it is creepy and somewhat disappointing that the memories that you believe to be true and real, may not be. This is a very clever way to advertise and is clearly very affective. Even though its weird and seems wrong, it does work. Im a little freaked out by it, but more intrigued now that i know about it…

  4. Katie M. says:

    While I do agree that there might be some valid points in this article, I am disappointed with the lack of support for the authors argument. He only tells about a personal experience and sites one study with only 100 undergraduates. He mentions in the study that the subjects are interviewed. Knowing this, it is difficult to separate facts from subjectivity. Memory is complicated. As our textbook mentions, frequently people will remember an ad but not remember the company/brand it was for. I would like to see more research before I start fearing advertisers tapping into my memory.

  5. Amber Heitkemper says:

    That is so creepy that an ad can create a false memory because then it makes me think back on my memories and question them. But it is also a clever and effective way to advertise.

  6. Scott Wooley says:

    It is very creepy to think that we may have false memories, but how cool would it be to create an ad that created false memories for the audience? It might be just me, but that would be a high point in a career in advertising.

  7. nedmills says:

    I agree completely with Katie. Although it is a creepy thought, I don’t believe this article has built itself up enough to present the information as fact, or close to it. This honestly reminds me of the Truman Show. I don’t think my memories are false but I do question how much influence advertisements have on them. A creepy thought, but that just goes to show you how influential advertisements can be.

  8. “We steal our stories from everywhere. Marketers, it turns out, are just really good at giving us stories we want to steal.” This is a funny post by, it seems like, some sarcastic guy. It DOES remind me of the Truman Show!^ Makes me feel like we can be programed with even the history at risk for revision. I wouldn’t go so far to say that I can taste the soda that appeared in my hazy dreamlike past but i get what he means.

  9. allyson flournoy says:

    I completely agree with the writer than ads can really affect how you remember something. sometimes for me, it is the product or brand that helps me remember a certain time, or I will look at a brand and it will take me back to a specific time or place. Brands and our past are closely linked.

  10. alexandra reyes says:

    I love these ads because they always remind me of my life, but ya after a while I will remember this photo then real life. It is a great way for people to remember the product name. If this is a cola ad, it will remind me of the huge cola sign at my high school. Also it reminds me of Friday Night Lights one of my favorite tv shows. Unless I was a total outcast or knew nothing about football, which is doubtful. Any American has had run around a football field. Whether you hate or love the sport or the Friday Night feeling you will remember this ad and make it apart of your life.

  11. Max Williams says:

    The results of that experiment are pretty crazy. I’ve always been intrigued by memories being created but had never really thought about how advertising applies to that. I’m actually a little annoyed about this because I feel like my memories are such a sacred and important thing to me, that I really don’t want anything messing with them. It also makes me wonder if certain things really happened the way I remember them, which is just kind of an odd thought process to be on.

  12. Kristen Andersen says:

    It is definitely creepy by how much an ad can make you think of a false memory, almost like your dreams are so real you think it actually happened. But creating a fake memory for the audience can maybe help your product sell more because they arlready have the emotional attachment

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