Target Women: Goofy Husbands

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  1. allyson flournoy says:

    These commercials are all over tv. They are constantly making men look stupid and majority are in household product commercials. Its very sexist, but there are also commercials that make women look bad as well. There are a lot of commercials out there portraying women as “crazy” moms who nag and nag, creating this stereotype of mothers.

  2. David Lee says:

    This is very interesting because I never realized this and I see these advertisements on a daily basis. Almost all advertisements that star single men portray them as smooth, charismatic, and flat out cool, while the family man is portrayed as a doofus. My explanation for this is that in the family setting, the wife usually is the one that makes the purchasing decisions especially for products like cleaning supplies, groceries, and other home goods. These advertisements are all aimed at wives and portray men as hopeless to give women that sense of power they hold in the house which hopefully persuade them to choose their products that advertised this idea to them.

  3. Leah Kennedy says:

    I agree with what David said in that this clip made me realize the differences in the way they are advertised when they are single versus married. I found this really surprising on one hand because it seems to be an extreme shift that occurs that is clearly unrealistic and on the other hand because I did not even realize it. I also think it says something about our society that advertisers find the best way to instill power in women to make them purchase their product is by putting down the other gender.

  4. Like Leah was pointing out, it’s an interesting technique of advertisers to instill confidence and dominance in the targeted sexual demographic of their product. Ads appealing to men often look down on women or sexualize them and ads for women often look down on men intellectually. This taps into the fact it feels good to be above others in society, up on some kind of pedestal (or at least the illusion of a pedestal to consumers). It’s the advertiser’s jobs to create believable and desirable pedestals for their target audience when using this technique.

  5. It’s sad that we have to look down on one another to feel good and buy things… Gender roles are constantly shown to us in the media so we know how to behave.
    What about the advertisements with “Amazing Moms” like Kelly Ripa? Not only are there “Doofy Husbands” but there is also a few ads out there that re-enforce the idea that only mom can take care of the kids and run those complicated, shiny machines called ovens. Just google Kelly Ripa, electrolux ads.

  6. Molly Johnson says:

    All of these points are beyond true. It is seen throughout television series as well. Doofy husband lands super hot wife that finds his stupidity charming (i.e. The Simpsons, Family Guy, According to Jim, Still Standing, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc.). I thought this Target Women thing was funny and so I looked into more ads and this one that I found was pretty funny…

    It is playing up the doofy husband and at the same time making women out to be manipulative crazy people…double whammy.

    • Scott Wooley says:

      This commercial is too straight forward. The creatives could have been a little more… creative. Maybe going from the shot of her trimming the bushes to later that night and he is sleeping on the couch. I don’t have a problem with the wording, I just didn’t find it funny or effective. Nice post!

    • Wow this was definitely an odd commercial for a company to have.. It definitely doesn’t make any positive associations with the company except maybe with men and women in unhappy marriages? But that’s sort of a downer in itself.. I actually think it’s a little funny because it’s just out there and and so blunt, but it also annoys me. How strange!

      I saw this one on TV awhile ago, and came across it again the other day, but it sort of takes another approach to the stupid husbands thing. It’s one of those ads that I think is really clever and achieves what I think they were aiming for, but at the same time, does promote fairly negative images of both men and women.

  7. Katie M. says:

    I found this commercial funnier than the “target women” ones because it takes the stereotype further. Seeing the two types of the gender/marital stereotypes in these commercials reminds me of what were discussing in class about the Groupon Super Bowl ads, when Randall made a comment about how if Groupon would have taken it farther it could have been seen as funny instead of offensive. I feel like this commercial does that. Instead of lightly playing into a stereotype and arguably reinforcing it for consumer attention, the ad is making fun of it to an extreme that can give a broader picture to the consumer.

  8. Katie Doyle says:

    WoW! haha Im replying to the video that Molly posted. I had not seen it till now. I actually found that pretty offensive to both sexes. I felt like it made women look like total crazies and made men look stupid and secretive. Im not a fan for this commercial and I dont think that this would make me want to go to their website. And im not a guy, but im assuming that this was not very affective for men either.

  9. I agree with the concept of “Doofy Husbands” but lets be real, people would get all upset if they made “Doofy Wives”. Society sees men as having a “thicker skin” than women thus more easy to make fun of to obtain a comedic reaction. As I see it, majority of humor is making fun of someone or something and when it comes to choosing between men and women, society goes with men. Advertising agencies don’t want a bunch of feminists banging on their doors with hurt feelings and anger. In all reality, men just don’t care as much.

  10. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I think this target women ads are so funny. I agree with Shelby that they would be mad if they created a Doofy wives ones. Women are more emotional and would be greater effected by the ad then men would be. I think the one Molly posted was funny because it targets both and makes fun of both which is funny.

  11. nedmills says:

    Being a man, I actually find these ads really funny. Although I don’t believe that these ads are creating stereotypes, I do believe there is still a a line that they could cross that would make these ads offensive. In terms of making it about women, I think that men take things like this more lightly. I know that’s a generalization but by the success of the ads and the lack of these ads involving women makes it hard not to think about it.

  12. Max Williams says:

    Being a guy, I am very familiar with this stereotype in advertising. Sadly though, and as much as I dislike it in some ways, it can be kind of funny. Also, I really cannot cook well, so in commercials like the cooking eggs one, I could actually see that being me (which is sad). I think this stereotype is something that is often taken too far, but often isn’t that bad.
    Also, it’s a common theme in TV shows (Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Everybody Loves Raymond, etc.) so it’s not just an advertising thing.

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