Thanks to Bryce for passing along this consumer culture critique that won a 2010 Oscar for Best Animated Short. (yes, there is adult content and language.)


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8 Responses to Logorama

  1. Katie Doyle says:

    Im very glad this won an award because it sure deserves one! I thought this was great. It really makes a person think about all of the logos and brands that surround them everyday. Its crazy that out of the 100’s of logos and brands they showed in this short, I knew all of them except for maybe 5 that i did not recognize. Thats sad and incredible at the same time i think. Its weird how we can see all of theses images and save them and catagorize them in our brains and instantly know what they are when we see them. All in all, very cool video and it really makes a person think about how they are constantly surrounded by branding.

  2. Ellie Boggs says:

    I think it’s significant that the antagonist or otherwise evil character in this short is the cartoon character Ronald McDonald, who represents the McDonald’s brand. The negative connotation that goes with that brand must be fairly universal because the video was made in France. I also think it’s interesting that the French animators set the apocalypse of the brand world in Los Angeles. They are certainly making a negative statement about the way that city is so brand centric.

  3. Leah Kennedy says:

    This reminded me of the “Living in Advertising Overload” video that was posted last week. When ads/logos become everything in a segment we think how obnoxious it looks and and how absurd it seems to have that many ads. But when we think about our world in reality we realize that there are close to that many ads floating around us all the time. I liked this video and felt that the elements Ellie and Katie mentioned were cleverly included.

  4. Heidi Payghambari says:

    I enjoyed the blunt symbolism of the video such as McDonald’s Ronald as the villain as Ellie mentioned; however I enjoy the slightly less obvious symbols as well such as the earthquake that occurs and its destructive force perhaps symbolizing the instability of our materialistic society. In addition, there is the flooding at the end of the video showing the different logos submerged in water symbolizing that we are all drowning in a murky sea of advertising.

  5. David Lee says:

    This is great. This is the most creative thing I have ever seen done with a bunch of brands. I really like how ironic everything was. Ronald McDonald, who is supposed to be the friendly clown aimed at children, is actually the criminal, and the Michelin men are foul mouthed cops. What I also really liked was the little things that were in there such as cigarettes being smoked were actually rolled up AT&T logos and butterflies were the Microsoft logo. Everything was a brand and the more brands you can identify, the more you appreciated this film which shows how much advertising myself and others are exposed to.

  6. I agree with previous posts in that all of the irony in the short really drives the point home. I also find it interesting that almost every character is portrayed as vulgar, impulsive and generally unlikeable (Big Boi mooning the lion / flicking a booger in the bus, the cop shooting at Ronald despite orders not to – killing Mr. Peanut, Hot n Spicy Pringles grabbing Esso’s butt, Ronald the high profile criminal on the run, exc…), offering even deeper cultural critique. I have to recommend multiple views if you really like it; I’ve gotten something new out of it every time I’ve watched.

  7. Molly Johnson says:

    Like Leah said, this reminds me of the video posted last week but even better. The graphics and story line are fantastic and the use of iconic characters in new ways really make this video memorable. Mr. Clean portrayed as a stereotypical gay man during the zoo scene actually made me laugh out loud…and then the GOP elephant for the zoo animals is genius. The vulgarity and story line really make it a realistic “movie” but with the advertisement overload is a great message to the majority of people who largely ignore their everyday surroundings.

  8. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I think the story and graphics are excellent and it is a video that I will remember or even show to other people. I think it was smart to use a lot of different brands in one clip. Also how you saw different brands everywhere.

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