Another Dentyne Spot

Thanks to Brin M. for passing this along.

What do you think….effective or not?  As Brin wonders, does this spot convey 2 messages (the actual product and the product being parodied)?

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13 Responses to Another Dentyne Spot

  1. Max Williams says:

    It says that it’s been removed by user. Is there another place we can see this video?

  2. Max, you can Google it…sorry I don’t have time to dig up a new link right now…

  3. Here is one of them 🙂

  4. Ellie Boggs says:

    It’s not very often that a tv ad actually makes me laugh. This commercial was pretty clever and actually did. This is especially surprising because this class made me hyper-critical of advertisements.
    In addition, this commercial is interesting because it advertises for gum but it assumes the public to have a specific set of knowledge about condom use and is making a clear statement about safe-sex practices. Overall, an effective ad.

  5. Molly Johnson says:

    I love this campaign! I think it draws you in because you think it’s going to be a condom commercial and then flips it and makes it about fresh breath. It is most likely targeting men because of the condom aspect as well as the comedy/light heartedness surrounding sex. I also agree with Ellie about the aspect of promoting safe sex even if that isn’t their goal.

  6. Layc Looney says:

    I love this campaign! I think it is extremely effective. Not only does it effectively communicate humor, it also creates a helpful story line to further the ad. They can do a lot with this in terms of repeatability in real life situations that we all may be familiar with. It is important to practice safe sex, along with fresh breath! 😉

  7. Amber Heitkemper says:

    I love these commercials and i think it is funny how they all say practice safe breath. I agree how you think it is a condom commercial but then it is for gum which is the complete opposite and very funny.

  8. Scott Wooley says:

    This commercial is clever enough to make me laugh (and others as it appears from the comments). Most commercials are immediately ignored by me, but this one is able to hook me from the beginning. There needs to be more commercials like this one.

  9. nedmills says:

    It is a very clever ad campaign. I love the borrowed interest and the simplicity of it. Although it makes an assumption that we all know it is referencing condoms, I think it hits the bulls-eye when it comes to connecting with the target audience. The icy effect is also nice in simply convincing me that its really fresh gum.

  10. Max Williams says:

    Sorry, I didn’t know which ad it was referring to earlier, I remember this one very vividly though. I think it is pretty funny, only real concern is that I hope some people don’t get the wrong idea about not using condoms (although unlikely). Clever use of borrowed interest.

  11. Katie M. says:

    I think these ads are effective, and agree with everyone, that it is a good double message. Although these are much more light hearted, it reminds me of when alcohol ads (esp. beer) do commercials that involve drinking responsibly. I think it also seperates them from other current gum ads (like Orbits just focuses on their gum, at least the ones I have seen) because I feel like these kinds of ads we don’t see as often so it could help Dentyne distinguish themselves.

  12. this ad was hilarious. I was dying when he sighed, cause im sure we have all been there 🙂 This was a great ad because it promotes the product in a funny way.

  13. Kristen Andersen says:

    I’ve always enjoyed these comercials and think they are creative-definitely a different way to market gum.. but sex sells

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