The Persuaders

We’ll watch some clips in class today, but watch the whole thing online anytime.

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3 Responses to The Persuaders

  1. Katie M. says:

    I thought the example of the airline Song was interesting. Even though they had an idea and poured the whole company into it (the “employee auditions”) the airline still didn’t end up being successful. I think this emphasizes the importance of the business aspect of adveritising. Not to say that Song didn’t focus on it, but the impression I got from that portion of the program was that they had a vision and ran with it, kind of putting on blinders in a way and not utilizing information in the best way for their business.

  2. Amber Heitkemper says:

    They seemed to go with one idea and did not think about other options or what would happen after they created it. Like could they extend the ad or create it in different ways where it would still be similar to the first one.

  3. nedmills says:

    In terms of the Song ads, I found them to be ineffective. I understand that it is something that is trying to be different and unique but I just have never really liked ad campaigns that stray too far from what the business actually is. Sure showing a family or having a catchy song is great, but when you lose touch on what truly makes the airline better then its competitors, it starts to suddenly seem like it was all for nothing. Song had potential to take its uniqueness and advertise it and yet they took it to a place where no one really could relate.

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