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  1. Woohoo! I’m a Striver/Experiencer! And I’m going to look at that as a good thing, I mean I try to do well and want to learn new things.
    This test was interesting and I can see how it would help in marketing a product to a target audience. Just like Leela’s attempt to be spontaneous (reference anyone?), a buyer who is more outgoing is more daring in buying new things, and knowing how many people like functional versus fashionable can be key in a campaign.

  2. Scott Wooley says:

    I’m a Maker/Experiencer. Taking the test was a funny experience because it presented the same 4 or 5 questions in a variety of ways. I found myself using contradicting answers, even though I felt I was answering honestly. In the end, I believe VALS nailed my spending habits and personality perfectly. Take the survey if you haven’t already!

  3. Evon Sahaleh says:

    After taking the test I realized I was an achiever/striver. I thought the process of the questions being asked were interesting, but I wonder how accurate the quiz was. It was hard to come up with straight answers as the questions asked were pretty vague and could have been answered from different perspective angles.

  4. Kristen Andersen says:

    I found out that I am an Experiencer/Innovator. The questions I was asked were somewhat vague in their answer portion and did not always make sense with what the question was asking. However the test did describe my habits even though I was unsure of some of my answers during the test. I did find the test helpful and interesting and think it can be used to get research for potential consumers.

  5. Molly Johnson says:

    I took the quiz and got Striver/Experiencer. I don’t know if that’s totally accurate but I like to think of myself in that way on a good day, haha. I think the questions were strange in the sense that I put “Somwhat Agree” on most of them because for the most part they weren’t one-sided. Also, they asked one gender question and it was about women as homemakers….interesting.

  6. Layc Looney says:

    I took the quiz and got Innovator/Experiencer. I think this is a pretty good match for my lifestyle. I like to always be on top of what is happening around me, and I usually am not afraid to try new things if they don’t include heights! I found the questions they asked interesting, and would like to know more about what is behind them and how they come to conclusions based on certain answers. Some were pretty straight forward, but some I didn’t expect.

  7. Katie M. says:

    Whenever I see a survey like this the element of subjectivity comed to mind. When I’m answering the questions I usually feel like “well, it depends! what’s the scenario?!” I have taken it a few times before and I come up with different results. While I feel this could be useful information, my inner skeptic cannot help but question how valid the information is because of all the interpretation that is involved. I agree with Layc in that I would like to know more about the workings behind the survey, and how they account for things like the how questions are interpreted.

  8. nedmills says:

    I tend to hate taking surveys like these. I understand it may peg most people but I cant help but hate the fact that something is telling me what my lifestyle is simply by asking me if I mostly agree on certain, often times trivial, things. I’d like to know more about it simply because at times I felt like the questions were random, often reminding me of the facebook quizzes that told me which Harry Potter house I was in (gryffindor).

    I was a Innovator/Experiencer

  9. Max Williams says:

    I’m an Experiencer/Innovator. I’m always really curious about things so I guess that kind of makes sense. Lots of times I’ll just go from one wikipedia page to another and learn about completely random things and then realize that it’s been like an hour or more.

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