Idea Book #4 – Competing Voices

Sometimes it’s hard to determine the brand voice–a way to articulate a brand’s personality. Here’s one way to help understand how one brand’s voice might stack up to its competition.

  • Pick two competing brands–for example: Apple and Dell.
  • Draw two stick people in your Idea Book. Call one Apple and one Dell. Next generate a list of bulleted profile attributes next to each. Focus on demographics and psychographics (where they live, what they do, kids, income, hobbies… you know the drill). The idea is to sketch out who Apple or Dell would be, if each was a person.
  • Next draw a speech bubble by each. Apple and Dell have just run into each other on the street. They know each other but are not friends. What might they say to each other? Fill in the bubble.
  • Now for the interesting part. Give each one a think bubble. What are Apple and Dell thinking about each other–and can’t or won’t say? That’s where you really get a picture of the brand as a person. This is a great way to make a brand real and get at brand personality. Fill in this bubble.
  • Compare and contrast how each brand has its own personality.
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